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  1. I use to have 6 shows every summer month in the season. I have 5 now till September. We are starting phase 2 in NYS which is good but by the time live music is back in phase 4 most facilities will have limited capacity.
  2. Well implosion can follow that type of thing often enough. Disfunctionality will kill a band on it's own.
  3. I just had to cancel another gig. Most summers we have 4 to 5 a month in the summer as we make the most money. Now I have 6 this summer total.
  4. Really no one wants spinets. I am kind of in the business and most guys don't touch things other than an M-3 or M100. There isn't a good residual for them so most guys don't want to store them.
  5. One club in town will not accept pre-recorded material. He tells me "it's a false representation of bands , 8 times out of 10 they can't reproduce live what they did in the studio"
  6. The big unknown is large gatherings. Will people see the need to come out and crowd around stages to see live music? Once we get the OK it will be interesting to see what happens. Also will venues operating in the red want to pay for live music.
  7. Gary I know it was popular with a few people. What are you trying to do.
  8. YouTube the video with him doing it with the Roots from last year.
  9. Ill have to ask my buddy Chuck. He played trumpet for a few years with Southside. Sorry to hear.
  10. I remember when I was in marching band in the early 80's all the guys in the drumline loved him and so did other musicians I know.
  11. It's going to be interesting to see if bands can survive the time off.
  12. Here in NY it's serious. The whole scene in NYS has been brought to it's knees. It's not good being a musician in these times, so much of what we do is dependent on other people.
  13. How good do you want to be ? Seriously. You can play out with knowing a lot less musically as a guitar player than a keyboard player. If you want to sound good the level and the ability has to be higher. It's the nature of the instrument that dictates it.
  14. Yeah is has it. I do a little more with my right hand. I wish I was closer to you guys are. He probably can do more but was just showing you that to get an idea of it. Very cool.
  15. My buddy just gets stuff at cost from Hammond-Suzuki.
  16. My fiance is a care manager for a county long term facility. It's one of the best in the state. Most of the residents are getting younger it seems like. We play for a set fee ever year for labor day fireworks. It's an easy show, the band likes it and most of all the residents like it.
  17. Man I remember this thread when it first was posted. Man I'm getting older....
  18. Not sure. Could he contact Yamaha or see if there is a part online?
  19. Yes thanks to social media but I am glad it's still here.
  20. I never knew he did that to a B-3. That is really strange.
  21. Most of the time with Korgs of that vintage you just need to replace the CR2032 batteries. It's pretty easy actually and then just restore the factory sounds. I have done it before on a bunch of M-1. T Series , or O1W keyboards.
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