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  1. I think the dead's live wall of sound was a cool thing, but that is as far as my appreciation for that band goes. Of course, art is subjective.
  2. I have a ton of NOS tubes my dad gave me when he was cleaning out his garage. I plan on selling them when I retire. He owned a radio store in the mid-60's, mostly repairing TV's and supporting the two way radios used by farmers in eastern Washington state. Although it's taking longer than I expected, I honestly see tubes as going the way of vinyl records. I say that as a huge collector of vinyl (I have several turntables and over 3,000 records), and I know that vinyl is growing, but it is still a fraction of the population that is really into it. And because computers get better and better at emulating tube sounds, the need/want for tubes will just continue shrinking. Using tube equipment is a serious commitment.
  3. Blame our litigious society. I remember way back in the late 70's commenting on how we are so addicted to lawsuits that it will impact areas in our lives that we could not possibly imagine. And here we are.
  4. Hey, if you want to do coffee when I'm in town next week, let me know. Feel free to invite any others here that live there too.

    1. Yakburger


      Thanks Rob. I would but we are so busy with a remodel trying to get ready since daughter is coming home for holidays and we’re having Christmas at our house this year. Catching a ferry from Whidbey and going downtown is a whole day deal for me. But thanks for the offer and maybe next time you’re in Seattle or if I ever come to Kentucky. :)

    2. RobRoy


      We're going to Seattle to see my first blood grandbaby. So there will be many more trips here coming in the future. And yes, if you are ever  going to Kentucky we'll have a bourbon on the porch and shoot at some varmints. 😋

    3. RobRoy


      BTW, I hope the family isn't too much work, and you get to enjoy some of it. My daughter wasn't in a sort of funk country band called deception past, BTW.

  5. Protest songs are for political rallies/events. For all other events, the band is there to take people AWAY from all that crap. One of the reasons I don't write music is that the political/social stuff is really all I care about, but what gets the girls on the dance floor is what Steve Hackett calls songs written about the "mating ritual". Stick with that stuff and you will do well.
  6. This is something we agree on. I didn't start playing until I was 44 (1998), and I've never considered it a "real" source of money. I'm an IT contractor and can work a single extra hour and earn more than I do at any musical gig. But I've also striven to be GOOD. That is what makes it fun. And I think the whole thing is summed up in your statement "give 'em a good product and market it well." One of the reasons I've finally abandoned the "bar band" thing is that even the last band, which was all very talented members, sounded like crap. It was because the leader was always too busy to really rehearse and he didn't have an ear for "hi-fi" regarding FOH. And we were a three piece trying to do a lot of new country. As far as I'm concerned, as a hobbyist, I'm interested in only two types of gigs now: "solo/duo" acoustic-type and "summer festival and car show" type. Both could find themselves doing the occasional "trendy" bar or coffee shop, but that's about it. I'm tired of playing for drunks and I'm not interested in impressing any chicks except my wife. BTW, my first bar band played a great smoke free bar in Fall City, WA called The Raging River back around 2004 from which I learned a lot. It was a small place with a $5 cover. We played for 100% of the cover. We put a-frames on the tables there a couple of weeks before the gig (it was known also for its pizza) as well as flyers to be included with every take-out pizza order. We pulled in well over $800, which even shocked the owner. That's what it takes. If it had been a bigger club...
  7. I'm a member of a lot of different subcultures and am so conservative I consider Fox news to be liberal. One thing that I notice is that the "musician/artist" subculture is very heavily slanted toward left, so I tend to not bring up politics in a band setting. I have plenty of opportunity to vent on the internet and to a lot larger, and open minded, audience. Bands are for making music.
  8. Next time you want to say no, just do this: http://changingminds.org/techniques/resisting/broken_record.htm
  9. It's a one man band with an extra guy. Sure it's a band!
  10. One of the fun things about bass strings breaking is that they don't snap or anything. They just go dead. The inner wire has no tension but the outer wire is still intact. It's a safety feature.
  11. I've actually broken two strings. One just snapped and the other was the result of some heavy, um, frustrated playing while practicing. So yeah, since 1998 I've had to replace two sets of strings.
  12. I've learned the hard way that if you are towing anything bigger than a Smart Car, the B string is the only choice. Five string bass, it turns out, has many advantages.
  13. Usually a band is like a marriage. It takes two to tango. It may have been that the bass player wanted to be in a better band. I say that based on the comment about not believing you have four sets ready. And I'd not bother with a band member that lives a great distance away. It would take superhuman integrity and/or lots of money to get someone to do that for more than a few weeks. You need to make sure you can actually fill every position in the band with like minded people who have a similar commitment to quality and vision. And I don't mean "high" quality. I just mean that you are all on the same page as to how much work you are willing to put into this. I've left bands because I was the only one that wanted to be REALLY good. I was also let go from a band because I didn't want to sacrifice everything and tour. You just need to all agree on your quality, effort and venue choice vision up front or it is ultimately an exercise in futility. People lie to others and themselves all the time. Musicians are really bad at this because we just want to PLAY! It means we both accept members that are a bad fit and we join bands that are a bad fit. It's hard to prevent that, but an effort should be made.
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