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Stolen Instrument List

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Martin HD28 Guitar S/N584169

This guitar (and a small rack case with four Sennheiser wireless receivers mounted in it) was taken from my very locked vehicle just north of Laurel MD on Nov 7, 2007 shortly after noon. The guitar itself boasts a handful of battle scars from a lifetime of working for a living. It was/is housed in a black, molded SKB case, containing a woven strap, misc strings and tools, a tuner, etc... The original bridgepins had been replaced with brass ones topped with ruby colored cut glass. Strap locks and an under saddle pick-up finish out its distinguishing characteristics. I am happy to offer a reward for its return...

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Standel Guitar Amplifier Serial Number CS-1006

Unique Turquoise and White two-tone. Serial Number CS-1006 Aritst Model.

Single speaker tube amp, very good condition, but looks like an 50's amp, was in black flight case when stolen, along with SKB pedal board containing:

Boss CS-2 compressor
Boss AC-2 acoustic simulator
Boss RV-5 reverb
Ibanez Volume Pedal
Danelectro Dan Echo
MXR Phase 90

Click here for picture of amp http://www.jakekelly.net/standelamp.html

Stolen in Nashville, TN
Novemeber 14, 2007

reward for an info that leads to recovery.

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STUDIO GEAR Mackie 808S Mixer SERIAL # AN51105 YAMAHA Stage Pass 500 P.A. SERIAL # MX01958

Stolen Los Angeles mid-july Silverlake, Los Angeles, Ca

Mackie 808S 1200 WAT 8 Channel Mixer SERIAL # AN51105
YAMAHA Stage Pass 500 Portable P.A. System SERIAL # MX01958
Toshiba Television set with built in DVD and VCR player
Trinidadian Steel drum (Tenor pan/chrome plated)
Case for Steel drum (custom made/Red,Green and Gold)
Panasonic DVD player
New Gold and Black Golf bag full of used clubs and brown Foot Joy leather golf shoes
Red brief case (held together with duct tape) full of Piano wire and some tools
Old burgundy colored bag with broken zippers full of percussion:
2 yellow shakers, tambourine, claves, finger cymbals, scratcher, and more
Louis Vuitton Triangle Handbag - old and beat up with a Audio Technica 300 wireless system inside
replica Louis Vuitton bag with two Yamaha keyboard pedals inside

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Gretsch G2202 electomatic short scale bass (black) ser # YS0411325

Gretsch electomatic short scale bass (black)- model number G2202 - serial number YS0411325 (this could be VS0411325, it is hard to read on my owner's card). I was carrying this in a MARRs music padded gig bag.

This guitar was taken in the Atlanta area.

Reward - 75 dollars. I imagine this is as much as you could get by pawning it off.

Michael Hester

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STOLEN 1998 Ibanez RG 7620 7-string, serial# F9756042

This guitar was originally black (RG 7620 BK) but I had it refinished in Arctic White along with the headstock. It was last seen leaving Tacoma, Washington (where it had been refinished) on it's way to Mechanic Falls, Maine (where I live). $100.00 reward. My email is flobanez@yahoo.com Thanks.

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STOLEN YAMAHA S115V 2WAY ENCL: S# 11814603 and 11816645 YAMAHA SM15V 2WAY FLOOR MON: S# 12213120 and 12210391

Stolen Gear:

1.) YAMAHA S115V 2WAY ENCL: SERIAL#: 11814603
2.) YAMAHA S115V 2WAY ENCL: SERIAL#: 11816645

All the best,

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STOLEN Sunburst Reissue Stratocaster S# V010258

Allright, call me stupid but I'll pay a HUGE, and I mean HUGE reward for the return of my sunburst reissue Stratocaster which was stolen from me June 4, 1994. Serial # is V010258. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. If you have the guitar or know where it is I'll make your holiday SPECIAL! This guitar has sentimental value and I really would like to get it back. I have one promo shot of the guitar which I will post.


Please no scammers - I've heard them all.

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STOLEN Custom Guitar with Seagull inlay on the headstock

This is a one-of-a-kind guitar, built by Kristopher Larson at The Loft in 1979. It was stolen along with an Ibanez electric guitar and various amplification equipment.The guitar is slightly darker than in the pictures, but essentially the same. Hardware is gold and brass. The Loft logo, a mother of pearl Seagull inlay on the headstock. Has Quilted/Burl Maple top and headstock. Hand carved floral pattern on neck and headstock back. A reward is offered for information.

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VEGA long neck banjo with picture of a BIRD painted on headstock

Vega long neck banjo ss Folklore Pete Seeger model stolen from home in Apple Valley in 2001.
It has a picture of a bird painted on the head. I still miss it!

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STOLEN Gibson Shortscale SG bass natural wood (original paint removed) with black pickups

This Gibson Shortscale SG style bass is wood (the paint has been shaved) with black pickups and might come with a black hard case with orange lining. It is VERY important to me, it's not worth much but I have had it forever and depend on its tone to play in the band I'm in. Please please contact with any info you might have on this guitar. IT was stolen from my van on Fulton and Stanyan across from USF.

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STOLEN 1969 Gibson Les Paul Bass SASEEN stenciled in white paint on front of case

1969 Gibson Les Paul Bass was stolen from my house in Traverse City, MI.

The bass came in the original hard case and had the name SASEEN stenciled in white paint at the top, on the front of the case.

I do not have the serial number and the seller, back in 1978, Fiddler’s Music has no records.

Do I have a snowballs chance?


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STOLEN Ernie Ball Axis Super Sport w/sticker "ASHBA"

The guitar is an Ernie Ball Axis Super Sport. Bird's eye maple neck, piezo pickup, standard bridge, 3 knobs, volume knob was removed for easier use. It's a pretty rare guitar, there is a black sticker right below the bridge which says "Ashba" in cool graphics. I support a wife and kid and I really don't have the money to replace the guitar.



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STOLEN 1963 Fender Jaguar Olympic White w/red pickguard and 2001 Gibson Thunderbird

Our studio was broken into, here is a list of the items stolen. Any help would be much appreciated.

1. 1963 Fender Jaguar, Olympic White, red pickguard
2. 2001 Gibson Thunderbird, dark sunburst
3. Canon Digital Rebel camera
4. Samson Condenser mic with stand
5. Sunn PA System with 2 speakers
6. Korg Kaoss Pad 1st edition

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STOLEN Fender American Standard Telecaster Serial (x)13939732

Robyn Hitchcock's Stolen Guitar - TORONTO* Robyn Hitchcock's Stolen Guitar...

Fender American Standard Telecaster Serial (x)13939732. Color is close to a sky blue. Stolen from car in Toronto.

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STOLEN Fender '72 Telecaster Thinline RI w/ Bigsby

I had the following items stolen from my car 1/24/08 from the Funhouse (206-5th Ave. N) in Seattle between 11:30 pm and 12:45 am: I don't have a serial number for the telecaster, but it does have a not-standard bigsby tremelo that would set it apart from the pack. The pedals and the rest of the gear is un-marked. Thanks again for your help.

Fender '72 Telecaster Thinline RI w/ Bigsby
Shure SM58 Microphone
Zoom H4 Handy Recorder
Boss TU-12 Tuner
Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector Swich
Oh, and my Motorola i730 Cell Phone

Sho-Bud LDG Pedal Steel Guitar S# 13617
Furman SPB-8 Pedal Board
Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb
Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff Pedal
Boss NS-2 Noise Supression Pedal
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay Pedal
Marshall ED-1 Edward The Compressor Pedal
Goodrick L120 Volume Pedal

Reward gladly given if you can pass along information that might be able to get these back to me. Thanks for looking.


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STOLEN Warwick Thumb Bass Bolt On “Off the Hook” sticker

Bass is in a black Warwick case with a sticker that says “Off the Hook”. Bass also has a distinctive wear mark above the top pickup as well as a broken bridge pin on the ‘E’ String.

Bass was stolen while loading equipment into vehicles after a show in Glens Falls NY. If you have any information, please contact me.

Joshua Brooks

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Stolen Drums Ludwig 22" x 14" Silver Sparkle Bass Drum and 14" and 18" Piaste Cymbals with "JCFU" on innner bell

On Wednesday, February 15th, Joe Camarillo's blue 4 door
1991 Buick Century License Plate X488288 was stolen from the Superior Street Practice Space. Joe is the drummer for the following bands:

The Waco Brothers
The Hushdrops
Dollar Store
Number Nine

In this vehicle, Joe had the following gear that was stolen:

Black Roadrunner Bass Drum bag including:
Ludwig 22" x 14" Silver Sparkle Bass Drum
Sparkle inlays on front hoop are missing
( produced April 30, 1966 )

Blue Cymbal Bag ( broken zipper ) including:
14" Paiste Signature Series Hi-Hats
marked with "JCFU" on inner bells
18" Paiste 2002 medium crash
marked with "JCFU" on inner bells
22" Zildjian Jazz Ride ( VERY old )

Green Nylon duffel bag w/ wheels including:
Pearl S-800 snare stands ( qty 2 )
Yamaha CS-745 single braced cymbal stands ( qty 2 brand new )
Yamaha CS-745 single braced hi-hat stand ( brand new / blue film still on foot pedal )

Joe's Wallet and other misc personal material were also taken. Any and all help in recovering or identifying any of this material would be GREATLY appreciated.

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RECOVERED - STOLEN '66 Fender Strat Black (original, very worn), Fender Strat 2000 Black NOS w/Kinman pickup, '79 Fender Strat Hardtail Tobacco/Sienna Sunburst

Location: San Francisco, CA

Last night someone broke into my truck in my driveway and stole 3

A 1966 black strat that has allot of missing paint

A 2000 black NOS with kinman pickup in the neck position

A1979 hardtail tobacco/sienna sunburst.

Please keep an eye out for these.


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STOLEN Fender Strat '66 Reissue Candy Apple Red Mint Green pickguard and Fender P Bass Sunburst Gold Pickguard

Location: Seattle, WA


Two guiitars were stolen out of our van parked at a paid parking lot on Boylston and E. Olive st. on Capitol Hill at around 12:00 am. on Halloween.

One Fender Stratocaster 66' reissue, Candy Apple Red, Mint Green pickguard, Rosewood fretboard, large headstock, Made in Japan.

One Fender Precision Bass, Sunburst, Gold pickguard, maple fretboard, Made in Mexico.

These guitars are pretty unique, and should be easy to recognize. If anyone should know anything about the theft or happens to see either of these guitars please contact us.

Police report has been filed. Keep an eye out at pawn shops, guitar shops, craigslist, anywhere! We may consider a reward for the return or info leading to the return of our stolen gear.

We are desprate to get our instruments back...

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STOLEN 6-String Clevinger Bass Serial #6-009

Location: Chicago, IL

I had a gloss black 6-string Clevinger electric upright bass stolen a couple of years ago. Serial #6-009.

It is the same design as the one shown in the picture at the referenced web site, but all black with 6 strings.

http://www. stringbassshop. com/clevpage/MP_Clevinger_Basic. html

Doug Johnson

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STOLEN Martin D41 S#1186430

Location: Oceanside, CA

I come out of a Recording session and was putting stuff in my car in Oceanside, Ca. Someone just came up and lifted my Martin D41 AMAZING 1 year old guitar. The serial number is #1186430. S. Fisher of Epiphany Voice and Music.

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