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Stolen Taylor 714 CE Acoustic-Electric guitar Ft Myers Florida

Help us find our stolen Taylor 714 CE Acoustic Electric Guitar. The serial is #2003-011-5135. It was taken from our house by what we believe was a so-called friend about the end of June 2007 from our house in Ft Myers Florida. I am offering a reward of $250.00 for information recovering it.

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1970's Gibson ES-335, 1980 Martin D25K , 1991 Fender American Standard Deluxe. Black to orange sunburst. Has after-market tortoise shell pick guard, 2005 Ovation Celebrity

1970's Gibson ES-335. Cherry, nearly mint condition. Has after-market trapeze tailpiece. Has chrome hardware and amber knobs. Double cut-away. The case is original brown with two or three stickers; one is Rolling Stones "lips" and one is a string company logo.

1980 Martin D25K (koa wood) back and sides - dark brown. Top is medium to light spruce. Has no strap button on front neck end. Has chrome tuners and rosewood bridge. Moderate to heavy grooving on fret board from string wear. Case is molded, hard black plastic with Martin written across front.

1991 Fender American Standard Deluxe. Black to orange sunburst. Has after-market tortoise shell pick guard. Pick-ups are all white with small red, white or blue written on each one. Rosewood finger board. Guitar is in pristine condition. Case is rectangular black hard, molded plastic with Fender name pressed in case.

2005 Ovation Celebrity acoustic-electric. 3-band graphic equalizer mounted in top of guitar. Chrome tuning keys. Back of neck is multi-color brown. Case is after-market black hard molded plastic.

Thank you in advance for your time and help in returning these to their rightful owner.

During a recent robbery of an older, retired couple, four vintage guitars were stolen in the greater Houston/South Texas area. Due to the very high value of the theft, the Sheriff's department is vigorously pursuing the suspects at this time.

If you are approached to buy any of the following four guitars (see detailed descriptions below), please report it to the Brazoria County Sheriff's Department immediately or email me directly from this ad. Please do not attempt any action against the suspect(s) on your own. Please just note a thorough description and any information about the seller and call the Sheriff's department. It is possible that the suspect(s) are armed and should be considered dangerous. If you think you may have already purchased one of the guitars by mistake, please email me here or call the Sheriff's department with a description.

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Mackie C200 speakers, Music Man RD Guitar Head (NO LOGO), Line 6 1x12 cab w/celestian vintage 30, BOSS GT-8

2) Mackie C200 passive 10” PA speakers
serial # JZ10464
1) Music Man RD Guitar amp head. This was originally a combo amp. The
head was removed and installed into a separate head enclosure without
the Music Man Logo on the front of the cabinet which has elongated
rubber feet. This is a rare item and an old buddy.
1) Line 6 / 1X12 Speaker cabinet loaded w/Celestion Vintage 30 speaker.
1) Boss GT-8 serial# EU46352 Guitar Effects Board W/gig bag, manual,
AC adapter and two instrument cables. One w/green tape on one end and
one Road Hog 10' long.
1) Black Bag (for laptop) loaded W/3 binders W/charts (some hand
written) and many personal effects.

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Gibson CL-20 Acoustic SN# 90618012

My guitar was stolen Saturday night from my van outside the Best Western Tacoma Dome Hotel.
It's a Gibson CL-20 Standard Plus made in USA in 1998. It was in a Gibson hardshell case with my last name "Vinther" stenciled in white on the back.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Sprucehill Guitars Aluminum Hollowbody Telecaster Resonator #0018

This guitar was stolen from me back in April 07. The thief was caught and confessed to stealing it! He said he sold it to a Pawn Shop on Westheimer Rd. there in Houston. We have not been able to locate it yet but I'm hoping that you nice people in Houston will keep an eye out for it or maybe you have even seen it around. It's built for playing out live. Very flashy! I waited 13 long months for it and I hit some hard times and I sold it or at least I thought I sold it for $3089.28. The cashiers check was a fake but I had already cashed the check 3 weeks prior when I found out is was fake. So I owe that money too!
It has 2 outputs,1 for acoustic and 1 for electric. You could sound like 2 guitars at once or play one or the other. It's #0018 of 25 from Sprucehill Guitars.

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STOLEN 1970 Rickenbacher Bass Guitar

If you have been approached to buy or have bought in the last few months a Rickenbacher Bass Giutar please contact me. Hard shell case has some old stickers on it and it has a leather strap with snakes on it. If you have any information please contact me. All info will be keep confidential, guaranteed. Reward $$$$$.
Thank for the help

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Emerald Green Parker Fly Guitar, Marshall Amp, Boss GT3, TL Audio Tube Mic Preamp, Alesis Quadra Synth Plus Piano, Violin w/ pearl inlay flower, plus more studio gear.

I am looking for the following equipment which belongs to me. I've been told that it was either donated or sold by an old lady in San Jose or a guy in Sunnyvale sometime around November or December 2006 or just after.

All of this equipment is STOLEN PROPERTY, which legally belongs to me and I am willing to negotiate and reimburse payment for any or all of it's safe return!!

Emerald Green Parker Fly Deluxe - had a black and white zebra strap and was in a soft guitar case w/wammie bar, glass slide and capo. Copy of the manual printed out was also in case. Guitar has (had) a pretty bad nick out of it from where my abusive ex tried to hit me with a mic stand and hit my parker instead.

- Small Marshall Amp

- Boss GT3

.. Really great free standing Rack on wheels with the following equipment:

- TL Audio Tube Mic Preamp ** This is a very rare item and very important to me
- 3630 compressor
- Studio Quad Effects
- RA100 Amp
- Mackie 1202vlz Mixer - had some stickers on it I think one was about being a motorcycle rider and voting
- Berringer (I think) Patch bay I had put labels on it for my equipment
- Headphone mixer

Alesis Quadra Synth Plus Piano had a key with a hole (abusive ex hit it with a tile knife) and had some intermitent problems with middle keys.

Violin w/ pearl inlay flower

Studio Projects C1 Microphone

Clarinet - black, vintage and needed work

CUSTOM MADE CABLES WHICH HAVE MY NAME ON THEM - these should be easy to identify unless the name has been removed. If it has then there will likely be a sticky area on one end near the connector. Many different cables all custom made for me to fit my specific needs. The longer ones have a black tie attached to them for wrapping them.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! If you have seen ANY of this equipment or cables contact me IMMEDIATELY! I've been searching for it. Please help me locate these items of great value to me. NO QUESTIONS ASKED AS I KNOW WHO ORIGINALLY STOLE THE EQUIPMENT AND I AM JUST TRYING TO GET MY PROPERTY, ESPECIALLY MY INSTRUMENTS, BACK

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Penny Colored Ibanez RG Series Guitar W/EMG and Crate Amp

Stolen penny colored ibanez rg series guitar and this was just installed with a silver emg and gold emg pickup which really bothered me

The amp is a crate with 2 10 inch speakers stereo chorus

inside the crate amp was a morley wah wah all chromed out!!

Could be a reward for the info leading to the recovery of this equipment

I got off easy this time very inexpensive gear but really troubling that my home was invaded and my backup gear was taken.

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1999 Les Paul Studio #92439436

I had my 1999 les paul studio stolen this weekend. If any of you are offered a burgundey with gold hardware les paul studio please point me in their direction. Serial number is 92439436
case has a broken latch and is much older than guitar. guitar is in excellent condition. $250 Reward.

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Fender Jazz Bass -Sunburst/Blue LED's

$1000 Reward- No questions asked. Fender Jazz-Sunburst/Blue LED's - $1000 (Lower East Side)

It's easy: $1000 dollars goes to the person who returns my Fender Jazz bass to me that was stolen last November in NYC. This bass has MANY distinguishing features that make it very unique and identifiable. Details below.

Loss info: Bass was taken during loadout from a show I performed last year at Webster Hall, Nov 10th 2006.

Return location: I'm on tour right now, and will be playing the Bowry Ballroom with the artist Lyrics Born on Nov. 2nd. Come to the show with the bass in tact and RECEIVE CASH.

Bass Details: The obvious stuff: Sunburst finish 4 string Jazz bass w tortise shell pickguard, BadAssII bridge, Bartolini Pickups, TWO string trees & Bright Blue LED lights in the neck. Closer Look: 3 stacked knobs that are Black/Silver. Battery compartment added to back of bass. Neck badly sanded. Custom Strap Locks (large black bolts).

See my original posting for more pictures: http://www.uriahduffy.com/stolen

This bass has more personal value than monetary. I'd just be happy to get it back. Thank you.
Uriah Duffy

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1976 Blond Acoustic Ibanez Concord

Crushing theft from my home in seattle- A beautiful 1976 Blond acoustic Ibanez concord-30 years of a connection with this beloved guitar-gone-
they also destroyed my 4 year old girl's art project and she wants revenge.
Please respond if any sighting or knowledge of this guitar- you will have great karma for the rest of your life-reward offered

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CB Glockenspiel, Ghanian Gyil Wood Bars, Mallets, Casiotone 1000P

These instruments were stolen from my car on White and Varet. I'm so sorry my college car sucks and is easy to break into, and I'm sorry I was too friggin tired to take them out of my car after driving across the country and crashing on my friend's couch without moving the truckload of heavy instruments up her 5 story loft before taking a nap and dying after driving straight to bushwick from Chicago. If you find them, I will give you a reward, no questions asked. They were stolen from the trunk of my car on 10/14, and the latter items on 10/23.

40 pairs of vibraphone mallets, by pro mark, stefon harris model. 20 of them are gray, 20 are red mallets.

a 2.5 octave CB glockenspiel, in a case, with a stand, mallets, ghanaian shakers, and a patch cable.

Ghanaian Gyil wood bars, 14 bars strung together, ghanaian rosewood, authentic from ghana.

Casiotone 1000P vintage tone bank, nice new condition, perfect arpeggiator.
Music stand, cables, camera, and clothes.
2 suitcases, with night mouthguard in one and prescription meds in other. Please give it back. Your teeth wont fit my guard, and you don't need my meds. I DO. Your not going to sell them. You've just been blessed with the karmic asshole curse. forever. Unless someone can redeem you and bring me my instruments back. You don't need pitched percussion instruments either, I DO.

Whoever stole my stuff, you suck. Please give it back. If you see anyone handling these items, please hit me up, I will appreciate you for LIFE.

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1991 Fender JP-90 Serial: N003018 white with black pickguard Model: 014-4100

On Friday night my bass was stolen out of the basement of Don Pedro's after a gig, sometime after midnight. It has a great deal of sentimental value for me; it's not a great bass, and Id gladly pay more than anyone else will to have it back. and it's got my blood on it from playing so hard at the show, for god's sake. please give me back my bass. no questions asked.

1991 Fender JP-90
white with black pickguard (interestingly shaped)
Model: 014-4100-White
Serial: N003018

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Gibson Faded Flying V Serial number: 007460595

Hello, my name is Chong Dan and my precious guitar was stolen about a week ago....It is a Gibson Faded Flying V (Faded Cherry) with a gig bag. Serial number: 007460595 In the gig bag theres polishing cloths, a tuner, a capo, a GIGmate and my guitar has a camouflage strap. Please, if you see this guitar in a pawn shop let the pawn shop manager know its stolen and contact me. You can contact me email: c_drumz@yahoo.com If you find it before the police find it I'm giving you a $50 reward! Thank you for your help

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1991 SRV Strat w/broken trem arm still in bridge, Custom Tele Red w/EMG pickups

The gear that was stolen from me is as follows:

Early 90's, I'm pretty sure it's a 1991, SRV Strat, with a tortiose shell pickguard, brass saddles, Hot noiseless pickups, and the Tremelo bar was broken off in the bridge.

Custom Telecaster Copy, Red, Maple neck(big), EMG active Pickups, No pickguard, the neck was made by and is stamped "All Parts".

Yamaha 1x12 PA, main/monitor speaker.

Fulltone Fulldrive II, missing drive knob.
Fulltone OCD
Morley Wah Wah
Boss Digital Delay
Shure BETA 58 Mic
Shure SM58 Mic

and an aray of cables...speaker..guitar...patch..mic.

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Left Handed Fender Japanese P Bass Lake Placid Blue Gotoh Tuners Mint Green Pickguard

This is a RARE LEFT HANDED FENDER JAPAN PRECISION BASS in LAKE PLACID BLUE, maybe one or two like it in The U.S.! Stolen from my home in Reno, Nevada on 10/25/07

I purchased this bass from The Ishibashi Corp. in Japan, in August 2007. I didn't write down the serial #. I DO have the invoice, and have e-mailed them a request to see if the serial is on file. I have upgraded this bass with Gotoh reverse wind tuners, and an allthread bridge like on the American re-issues. It has also had Fender American 250k pots, and a Switchcraft jack installed. The clincher here to identify it as mine- even munus a serial #- I am a luthier/guitar repairman. I fabricated a mint green pickguard for it. You can't get one, I know. It has a full tin vintage type grounding plate underneath it, with a statement something like- "Ishibashi p-bass mint green guard fabricated by owner Dave Edwards" with a date-- written in Sharpie. Not another bass like it, I'd say! I hope it turns up, I'd like to have it back! There is a reward offered, but I'm a working musician, and don't have much....I'll be glad to negotiate repair work in exchange plus cash.

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1972 Fender Precision Bass serial number 397102

1972 Fender Precision Bass guitar stolen from my home in Lynnwood, WA USA on or about October 20, 2007. Bass serial number 397102. Three color sunburst body with tortoise shell pick guard. Original maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. All original condition except for….tuning machines, bridge, volume and tone pots. The back of maple neck has finish wear down to bare wood 3rd to 7th fret area. The back of body has heavy belt rash around the neck plate area. The finger rest has been moved to the mid 70’s thumb rest position. The tail end of the pick guard screw hole is cracked/split. Bass body is equipped with Dunlop strap locks. The top half of the lower body bout has arm rub wear down to bare wood. Bass has replacement volume/tone pots with blue plastic bodies and replacement chrome knobs. I’ve owned this bass for 34 years. Reward offered. No questions asked.

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Dean Markley Model DM41 Serial Number 03017

Stolen Guitar:
Dean Markley Model DM41
Serial Number 03017 (#17 of only 25 made!)
Solid Sitka spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides, ebony fretboard and bridge. NO pickguard.
Abalone Dean Markley inlay on headstock (signature logo and Dean on horseback)
MOP inlays on fretboard.
In black hard-shell case, kind of generic, but case has brass strap hooks (small) which sets it apart from most.

Stolen from Union Square in San Francisco the weekend of 10/27 - 10/28 2007.

NO QUESTIONS ASKED - I just want it back…Thanks for looking

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1979 Ibanez Artist AR300 2619 S/N B794237

Stolen in Scranton, PA on or about 11/1/07. May surface anywhere in PA, NY, NJ or OH. Very distinguishable guitar, not many around like it. Very deep sentimental value, received as a gift from a long lost friend. Reward offered for it's safe return, no questions asked.

1979 Ibanez Artist AR300 2619
S/N B794237
Double cutaway tobacco sunburst mahogany body,
dual humbuckers, 3 way toggle, V-V-T-T controls, (2) pickup phase
tunematic bridge, closed tuners,
3 piece set maple neck, bound neck & body, abalone & MOP inlays,
all gold hardware, original hardshell case

Link to pics:



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Mesa Boogie Mark II-B serial #7797

My car stolen last Wed. (11/7/07) from my carport in Santa Monica Ca and had
my Mesa Boogie Mark-II-B in the trunk.
It has the creme colored finish with a straw rattan grill cloth.
On the bottom rear panel my name is stenciled in big 1&1/2 inch lettering in
black assuming it's hasn't been painted over or removed somehow.
The same stenciling appears in white on the black amp cover on top which
might not be with it at this point? Serial # is 7797. If any one out there
happens to come across it please get in touch with me and we can take it
from there regarding compensation. All info will be kept confidential.

Thanks, Leon Rubenhold

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