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SNL, Jack White... second song!!!!! WOW!!!!

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just writes about hipster stuff like relationships and nonsense.



:confused: elvis was a hipster?




pink floyd??? :lol: I'd rather hear a guy jerking off to orgasmic completion into a mic - it would be more meaningful and about life...






music opinions discussed on the internet - I'm sure a conclusion will be made that proves 1 true answer.

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I have no idea what he was using for that part, but it did sound like an envelope filter... and I agree about the hints of flange too. Might have been one pedal, might have been two. I don't know. Sounded pretty cool though. If I had to guess, the Bassballs theory seems as likely as any to me.


Angle of the drums? Yeah, it was a little strange. Seemed to work for the guy though. The mandolin wasn't cutting through the mix very well. It was panned pretty far to the right side IIRC. I wasn't hearing a ton of fiddle either, although it was up compared to the mandolin. Bass? What bass? :lol: Actually, it was "there", but upright just seemed like a strange choice of instrument for a song like that.


Still, the arrangement had some variation to it, and some traditional song and arrangement structure. Classic build-up type approach. Not the greatest lyrics I've ever heard, but I liked the basic song - it's pretty hooky actually. Stuck with me, which is more than I can say for a lot of stuff I've heard.

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