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  1. Unique idea. Looks cool!I'll have to check it out if they get some in at Truetone.
  2. IMHO. Don't worry about preserving 'the old hang'. Just update it and make it modern. Being usable on tablets and phones would be nice too. Going on this site makes me feel like I'm traveling back into time. Personally I don't care about preserving tenure, post count, past posts, or anything. I'm willing to completely start over.
  3. Gomeifuku Wo Inorimasu, sensei.
  4. Nice review. I will try one. I'm thinking stationary wah and more. Might have to drop a dime on this.
  5. Is the Auto Tune on the 3 channels separate instances with their own parameters, keys, formants, etc? Or do they share one setting?
  6. Sounds almost like a raw VCO on square, with a sub OSC. To me it screams "Amp ADSR, and Filter needed". A cool box for sure!
  7. jorhay1

    Synth You Asked

    They really need to make one that has basic rompler sounds. Acc Piano, Strings, Brass, Acc Bass, Elec Bass, Winds, along with an Organ, Syn Pad, and El Piano from their other pedals.
  8. One thing not mentioned in the review is the S/N Ratio. While sounding iconic, the original was really noisy. How does the Pi-Phase compare? Is it relatively quiet?
  9. Fortunately for the rest of us you’re not the only one with a heart of gold. “You will find peace of mind if you look way down in your heart and soul. Don’t hesitate ‘cause the world seems cold. Stay young at heart, ‘cause you’re never old.” ~EWF
  10. Happy NTD !!!! (In before anyone craps on your thread)
  11. Absolutely agreed. This is giving credit to where credit is due. Major respect to the production managers, lighting geniuses, audio techs, stage hands, gaffers, riggers, ect. After the actual ‘real heroes’ (that risk their lives to save others), these guys are the real heroes. Note: the guys and ladies actually on stage should also get some kind of credit....
  12. The idea is to take your audience on a journey, and create a magical experience for them. Math is fine, but it may or may not be relevant to accomplishing this goal. There’s key and tempo, but there’s also style, genre, feel, energy, and other factors. There is no substitute for trying out your set(s) on a live audience to see what works and what doesn’t. From this you’ll gain experience. From experience, you’ll learn how to make a good show, or one that can be great, with a few tweaks.
  13. [QUOTE=Red Ant;n32518555] Been said since the early 80s... and yet there is still an abundance of drummers :lol: [/QUOTE] This is horrible news....
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