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  1. One thing not mentioned in the review is the S/N Ratio. While sounding iconic, the original was really noisy. How does the Pi-Phase compare? Is it relatively quiet?
  2. Sounds almost like a raw VCO on square, with a sub OSC. To me it screams "Amp ADSR, and Filter needed". A cool box for sure!
  3. IMHO. Don't worry about preserving 'the old hang'. Just update it and make it modern. Being usable on tablets and phones would be nice too. Going on this site makes me feel like I'm traveling back into time. Personally I don't care about preserving tenure, post count, past posts, or anything. I'm willing to completely start over.
  4. Is the Auto Tune on the 3 channels separate instances with their own parameters, keys, formants, etc? Or do they share one setting?
  5. Gomeifuku Wo Inorimasu, sensei.
  6. Nice review. I will try one. I'm thinking stationary wah and more. Might have to drop a dime on this.
  7. Unique idea. Looks cool!I'll have to check it out if they get some in at Truetone.
  8. jorhay1

    Synth You Asked

    They really need to make one that has basic rompler sounds. Acc Piano, Strings, Brass, Acc Bass, Elec Bass, Winds, along with an Organ, Syn Pad, and El Piano from their other pedals.
  9. jorhay1

    Wattson SuperFuzz

    these guys went the extra distance to create a pedal that is worth much more than the asking price. kudos!
  10. not an eventide that being said, you cant touch anything like for the $ esp if you buy it used very creative, fun pedal for $40
  11. jorhay1

    MC-FX Superfuzz

    Any one looking for a raw over the top massive transistor based fuzz, Shin-ei/Super Fuzz/ Shaftesbury Duo Fuzz /Ibanez Standard Fuzz/Vintage, etc. but not wanting to spend a fortune, will love this pedal. I own LP's Strats, SG, ES225T, too many pedals, Amps: Marshalls, Fenders, Musicman, Bedrock, Framus Riot, JC120. I have heard talk that MC FX is pricey. I only paid $200 US, which I thought was a good price. In any case Michael says he is trying to figure out a way to bring prices down. If it were stolen I'd get another one for sure.
  12. jorhay1

    Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal

    It's a great sounding crappy sounding pedal thats super cheap. Does it get any better?
  13. VERY inspiring sound. Inspiration is VERY valuable. Complicated user interface The delay between changing programs is real. 18/20bit constant D/A-A/D conversion is a bummer. For studio it's great. For live; On a mixer on a bus send (for vocals for instance) it makes a great verb/delay multi processer. Can even automate stuff via midi. Great bang for buck value. For guitar it has some it has some issue's and would require some work arounds. For instance you could use it with a Robert Keely True Bypass Looper and make it a true bypass pedal. You could use it in an efx loop on an amp and blend the digital signal with your natural (analog) tone. This would be fine with verb but this pedal has some cool sounds that require the blend to be balanced in the box. By blending dry signal, you would lose/water down some very cool presets. Also its a bit tricky using with stomp boxes. I think the guitar version of this pedal might solve some of these issues. I dont have that unit so I dont know.
  14. jorhay1

    Fulltone 70's Pedal

    I do Studio Work so it's good when the client asks for a 60's style thing, its also cool for electronica stuff. if it was lost i would buy the NOS Sunface. I would also give the sunface a 1 for ease of use. these things are tricky
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