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  1. Under that codpiece? A waxed merkin. (Dibs on "Waxed Merkin" for my next band name.)
  2. "...Hi, Mid, Lo EQ Boost with bell curve boost by controlling the boost amount with the foot, so no fixed settings to switch, but continuous boost variation by foot..." Sounds like a wah wah pedal to me. A complicated wah wah pedal.
  3. "... I was inquiring more about an EQ if it was possible to get lower than low..." How low can you go? At some point, you wouldn't be able to hear it.
  4. If the noise happens with the guitar muted, or the amp muted, and the noise goes away when put on standby, it’s a tube. 100%.
  5. My reason for not practicing is spending too much time posting about my reason for not practicing.
  6. Boss FZ-5. Three... Three... Three fuzzes in one. Silicon Fuzz Face, Maestro FZ-1, and Octavia. The Fuzz Face and FZ-1 sound best when the "Fuzz" knob is cranked to 3 o'clock and above (pretty normal), but the Octavia is best when it's set much lower, about 9 o'clock. Above 9, it gets quickly real saturated and the octave effect disappears. Like the original, it works best above the 12th fret with a classic "woman tone", i.e., neck pickup/tone rolled off. Nails the solo tone in "Purple Haze".
  7. I wouldn't normally print with effects, but YMMV. Putting the cab sim pedal before stereo time-based and modulation effects would obviate the need for two cab sim pedals, though. And that's the way it would play out in a studio, i.e., adding effects post miking the cab.
  8. The newer, environmentally safer WD-40 works well for getting rid of the sticky residue. It's better than lighter fluid (or naphtha, the same thing) because it's slightly less flammable. Also WD-40 won't evaporate in 4 nanoseconds, so you can actually soak the really thick gunk and let it sit for a while. It won't remove paint, although I haven't tried it on nitro finishes. Lighter fluid WILL remove nitro. Don't ask how I know. After the WD-40, use common household white vinegar to remove any leftover WD-40. There won't be much. Vinegar is a mild acid and makes it squeaky clean without removing the paint. Vinegar is also great for wiping down used pedals bought on eBay when you can't stand other people's cooties and peanut butter fingerprints. No, I'm not OCD! I can quit whenever I want!
  9. If that is NOT a Coral Electric Sitar plugged into a Maestro FZ-1, I'll eat my Twin. (No, not the amp... my TWIN).
  10. It's totally fine if you're B9, but you also need to B#. Stay in tune, don't Bb, but most importantly, be on time.
  11. Is this something new? I haven't heard anything about these vertical pedalboards. Looks like they would save space on stage!
  12. Higher price does not always mean superior sound quality. The opposite is also true. Boring.
  13. What a revoltin' development this is....
  14. All the above is true. Also, you would probably be surprised at how *little* gain guys like Satriani actually use.
  15. Don't know the source of the noise (single coils?), but a compressor is likely going to make that worse. 6 watt amp, and the drummer is not burying you? No, sorry, that is not a loud drummer. No. I have a santanning bed. It gets you the brown sound - all over.
  16. Knobs and labels impossible to read on stage = Do Not Want. ​Already had to replace shiny knobs with invisible indicators on Hardwire Delay and Reverb. On a positive note, pots with detents are GO!
  17. For some, there is no such thing as "too much" compression.
  18. Micro FTW. Jetter is just weird sounding to me. Different tech than the original (and Micro). Haze is also non-original design, sounds a bit better but has a beating noise at high gain amp settings - (*blump*blump*blump*blump*). You can't hear it in a loud band setting, but it may be off-putting for the OCD afflicted.
  19. Must... resist... no..no...no,no,no.... NO! AAAaaaAArgh! Cannot stop myself... so sorry... in advance, but... Is this Yortuk or Georg? I'm a bad person...
  20. ... Or just ask her nicely. You know, something simple - like dinner and a movie...
  21. I find U2 way too pretentious and self-important, unlike good bands like Floyd and Zep
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