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  1. Also interested. I just ordered a Squire Bass VI.
  2. Originally Posted by jimash But I do have a variety of scars ! And each one tells a story. Me too, dude. Thirteen staples in my noggin when I was 20.
  3. The only one I really miss is the Civil War muff.
  4. Originally Posted by greeny23 not even if there was a fire. As if.
  5. Originally Posted by !i!i!i!i!i! eat {censored} you square That needs to be sig'd.
  6. I'm well aware of the documented bromance between me and SAL, but y'all should really see some of his paintings.
  7. Bunch of nerds arguing about women they will never actually meet.
  8. ^^^ she became Sting for awhile. What about ol' Skeletor on the bottom row? Beautiful, pronounced cheekbones.
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