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What kind of shoes should I get?


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Listen to is man. Get some proper leather shoes with solid soles.


I've worn nothing but shoes of some description since my mid teens and have rock solid, slim feet unlike the soft, mushy, prone to injury and super wide feet that people that wear trainers have.


I currently wear a pair of brown brogues that do me for business and casual. Not bad for only a

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I was watching Doctor Who last night. I really liked his shoes. I think I'll try to find a pair like that.


OK, so I've been doing some looking around. These all look nice










Looks like I'm going shoe shopping at the weekend. Damn this forum making me spend money :mad:

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I've got so many pairs of shoes, it's kind of embarrassing. Except, it's not. I have tons of choices, and they will last for years that way (because I'm not wearing one particular pair every day... Did you know that when you do that the life expectancy of a pair of shoes is around 3-6 months.... seriously)


My main pair for most occasions is cowboy boots. I've also got work boots, hiking boots, sneakers (Macbeth), Running shoes (Saucony), Dress boots, chukka boots, other leather casual boots, driving shoes, flip-flops, and many, many more.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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