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  1. i like and use the superfuzz (the orange one) a lot. sounds very good and if it breaks, who cares, i'll buy a new one for the little money it costs.
  2. well, i joined this forum in the year 2002 and it was ace. than the big bang came and destroyed it all ... in fact i think it cancelled my over 10.000 posts and nulled them 🙂 it was like a wonderland before with lots of good people, fun and expert info. i was mainly in the FX section and there was a great community of people, yes, THAT does exist on the internet. now i don't know ... i am just here to promote some of my music lately hahahah, so please feel free to check out my music in the sig and the forum. as i do, let's all give this forum another chance!
  3. i LOOOOVE this guitar! it gives me an instant 60's sound. i had the "normal" 59 before with the rosewood bridge, while it had the same sound, it was not ideal for intonating. the jimmy page is perfect! a bit of spring reverb, some cheap amp, fuzzed up and ready to rumble! ok, watch & hear it for yourself in my latest video – those chord stabs are the danelectro and the solo too! if you want more, you can listen to my record (came out 1 year ago) here: https://theshea.bandcamp.com/ it's full of danelectro into fender champion 600 amp (amp overdriven!),
  4. i do indeed love songs with great outros, like "layla" or the verve's "come on". so, i did it myself! here's my new song and video (sorry for the shamless self-promo!). it's short, intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-outroooo! i think i put the right emotion into the outro, i do love it – even though some vocal ain't perfectly in tune. feedback welcome! thanks in advance for listening:
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