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  1. i luv my epi casino. very lightweight guitar with fantastic p90's. but ... it feeds back like crazy when fed with to much overdrive. i've heard about wax potting the p/ups: how do you do this? i've heard about putting some cloth into the body: how much and will it sound more like a 335 than? dangyouverymuch.
  2. you know, it was a rainy day last saturday so ... i went shopping and came home with a epi casino! wonderful guitar, soooo much better than eg an epi dot. i am going to record some demo in the next weeks in a small studio. i really want to replace the epi firebird with a gibson non reverse firebird with burstbuckers. and then i think my guitar arsenal will be complete. i can get some really nice controlled feedback with the casino at low studio volume. i didn't play it to loud and overdriven until now, i am really curious how it will behave at rehearsal this week. all three picku
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