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  • My New Dusenberg Paloma


    I just received my new Dusenberg Paloma and it is by far, the coolest looking guitar I've ever owned.
    I bought it to fill a gap between my Les Paul and my ES335.
    When I plugged the guitar in I was treated to a sound that is almost identical to a Rickenbacker. It was a HUGE let down. It has all of the charachteristics of that brittle high-end of the ricky and any overdrive at all just stomps the body into the ground.

    It's not my amp.

    I'm running through a FUCHS ODS and an Orange TH30 so I know it is not this.

    Anyway, my question is about pickups.

    If anyone is familiar with the Dusenberg pickup line, can you please point me in the right direction to attain that gap filling tone I was expecting.

    I thought with the 2 single coils and the "vintage" humbucker Id have something between a strat and my LP.


    I would love to keep it in the Dusenberg family simply because they know how to decorate a guitar.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Pics, we need pics or it's a broken Guitar hero controller.
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    My guess is its this one.

    Click image for larger version

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    Not sure what the issue may be with the pickups. The single are alnico blade type pups and the HB is called Vintage.
    You'd first need to find out more about the specs like check the DC resistance to get some idea of what you're working with.

    The Guitar looks to me to be a Tele variation targeting country music players or maybe a ZZ Top tone when cranked.

    Kind of reminds me of this except reversed.

    Image result for ZZ Top Guitars

    As far as replacement pickups my first thought for the bridge might be a TV Jones Powertron or the plus to get a PAF tone. These will allow you to keep a similar look with the 12 screw arrangement.

    There's a clip here that lets you her them through a few amps. The Marshall sounds pretty decent.

    If you want more gain, the Supertron here gives you those long sustains, compare the Marshall here.

    Not sure what you'd do for the singles. They look like Tele pickups. Maybe put a decent Tele neck pup in the neck position, and either keep a stock pup or find something else for the middle. You need to measure the hole size and make sure what you choose will fit.
    Maybe the manufacturer makes other pickguards. HSH might work. I could see that guitar sounding very cool with a Single bridge, Mini HB middle, and Full sized HB bridge.


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      that's a lot of bridge p-ups....

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    Maybe check the pots if to bright see what in there and send pics.


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      Originally posted by jtr654 View Post
      Maybe check the pots if to bright see what in there and send pics.
      Also the cap(s)

      Judging by this demo, sounds like 500K or more pots. The specs on the website say one piece maple neck glued to an alder body. That's a strat minus the screws.
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        A Strat copy to fill in the small gap between a 335 and a LP is definitely counter-indicated.

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      Try 250k pots that should lower the treble a bit.


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        I had a Duesenberg Starplayer special a while back, and liked it a lot.

        it had 2 grand vintage humbuckers and they are very low output, very jangly affair.

        Definitely something very different. I really liked it. I would happily have kept it if funds hadn't been restricted at the time, I couldn't afford to keep a guitar that didn't really fit my musical style.

        My take on your predicament is that either you have the wrong beautiful guitar fir your needs, or need some time to enjoy it for what it is, and accept that your usual set up needs to be tweaked to enjoy it.

        My guess though, is that you'd be better off with something with P90 or the big jumbo MDF pick ups G&L do (check out the ASAT Special).
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