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  1. Or you can dive right in. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/the-worlds-greatest-fretboard-conditioner.2084300/
  2. The DLS and Zen things might be reboxed/rebrand/clones of these guys: https://catalinbread.com/products/dirty-little-secret http://www.lovepedal.com/zendrive/ The others don't ring any bells.
  3. I've had the top E lose output with older high gain pedals. This was from turning down the fizz and icepick which apparently is where those top notes are. No sudden dropouts though.
  4. Here's a new one that's already obsolete: And a newer version that isn't:
  5. You should develop the habit of subdividing of course. If it's a slow ballad you can tick away in 16ths if necessary. There are personal latency issues that aren't easily addressed though. Your technique - even on easy grooves, has to be developed so the strokes land in time. Arms can be in transit constantly and for hundreds of feet during a typical tune. The notes themselves are functionally instantaneous but all mechanical impetus has to be in between the percussion. Even with competent technique players can have listening latency. That is they wait till they hear it before they do it. This is a major drumming no no. The drummer by and large has to appear to generate the time; more so if the drumming is added after the fact.
  6. Crap now I gotta pull the Dot out the case and see how that works. :D
  7. Why then does KSI turning down one vol. result in the sound disappearing?
  8. Use an electric with an acoustic sim pedal. Come to think of it, you might get some clarity with the acoustic and an acoustic sim but I doubt it would sound right.
  9. Ok what's the reason for the global volume anyway? Do you still have play with front rear balance?
  10. You see soldiers marching and the DI calls double time and the group goes faster. Never paid attention if it's 2x or what. Lotta semantics. Double time is twice the time so that's what, half as fast? Double time signature should be the same time so what, nothing happens?
  11. I like the rig in a box aspect. Would be cool to have around to play whenever inspiration strikes.
  12. Remedial version. I almost get it. https://www.popsci.com/science/what-is-time-crystal-physics/?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  13. This needs clarification. The guy might've trapped himself in a time loop.
  14. Crass white boy take.
  15. Major content driver got in trouble and perhaps a chunk of people scampered off to duck the inquisition. I been here the whole time and only recently read bits.
  16. Thinking expense is all. You already have the amp. Just add the simulator. You can split the signal before either so the sound guy gets his feed, you get your monitor.
  17. Split the signal. Use your amp pointed at you. You give up "your " blend but you might not care.
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