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    Would appreciate thoughts on best setup for solo acoustic performer. Using a CRATE Acoustic 125-D amp, SM-58 mic on boom stand, a music stand for songbook, and small Kustom monitor (on mic stand). How big of a room is this CRATE amp good for ? Want to be able to easily reach songbook, turn pages, and not have mic boom in line of vision to songbook. Mostly playing my Taylor 810. Sitting position mostly.

    Any setup ideas are welcome! What have your experiences been ? Pics are encouraged if you have them.



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    have the boom reach across from your right [assuming you are right handed], and the music stand [actually, I would do whatever I could to avoid the music stand, if it were me. It just says' I don't know my material'] off to the left beyond the guitar's head stock [you are going to be leaning that way anyway]. I use a small 'clipboard' that clips to the mic stand, and I keep my set list [and maybe lyrics to a couple of songs I get confused on] on it.


    Crate Acoustic 125-D should have plenty of power for an intermediate room...where it will dis-serve you is if you leave it on the floor. Those 8" speakers need don't want 30+% of your sound dumped on the floor in front of the amp. Get an amp stand or put it on a chair. If you position the amp properly, you may not need the monitor. [one less thing to haul/set up/set/cable/tear down]

    Good luck!
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      THANKS for the very helpful advise! Couldn't agree more with the BIG PRINT !


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        If you already have the SM58, go with it. The 58 Beta is hotter and sounds a bit nicer.

        Put the amp on a chair or table and you should be fine.
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          daddymack commented
          Editing a comment
          there are plenty of relatively inexpensive mics on the market now that outperform the 'standard' SM58, the Beta is good , but bang for the buck, Sennheiser e835s are, IMHO, the next budget friendly live standard mic...and for the price of the Beta58, there are plenty of other good quality cardioid [and super cadioid] dynamic mics out there

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        THANKS! This is very helpful!


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          Getting the amp off the floor IS very important, I think.
          I've got a couple of these folding stools (Walmart - $13.00)
          They will get your amp 25" off the ground so your highs don't get lost and you get a better sense of how loud you're playing.
          They're very light and folded they lay flat.


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          good advice from DaddyMac as as always.
          Although I have no experience with a Crate amp, I performed many times with a Roland ac60 in fairly large venues i.e. Seating maybe 50 plus people, it was also fine for small patio gigs. I positioned it on a pole directly behind me ( it has a pole socket ) or in a smaller venue on a table at my side. Therefore your more powerful amp should be fine.
          Now when I play venues that don't have there own PA systems, or sometimes even if they do, I use a single Yamaha Dbr10 powered speaker on a pole behind and slightly to the side, depending an how much room I have as I am frequently crammed into a corner. If feedback is an issue, tone fair it seldom is, I find that by moving the speaker directly behind my head to stop it as my body shields the mike and guitar.
          I now play sat on a bar stool but still aim to have the speaker just higher than the crowd. This stops the people nearest being blasted out and the sound reaches far further.
          I would imagine your amp will have a spread of about 90 degrees there for ideally you will be in the corner of the room so everyone can hear.
          I use a TC Helicon playacoustic pedal for both guitar and vocal effects and also for looping. I also use a TCHelicon mo75 mike which I have found bulletproof and gives a warm clear sound.
          My Hurcules boom stand sits on my right if room permits and this also holds my tablet holder.
          Speaking of which it's been quite a while since I have seen a performer using a ring binder on a music stand, a cheap second hand iPad and Onsong app will allow you to sort your songs in anyway you can imagine, deal with any backing tracks/break music and be far less noticeable and less to carry. ( I will post a couple of picks of my set up and you will se how unnoticeable it is.) (I use a hybrid PRS usually so hat is what the Atomicfirebox pedal is for)
          Hope sope of this helps
          Cheers Steve
          Cheers Steve