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  1. Well I did the taping for Coastal Jazz, that went well. We all had our masks on except for the singer, who had this floor to ceiling plexi in front of her. Everyone was standing apart and I didn't feel too nervous, especially as I've had my first Pfizer shot. My Valentine's gigs went sideways, sort of a disagreement with me and the higher ups. They wanted some singing, and I didn't think it was appropriate. Just as well, it was quite the snow storm over the Valentine's Day weekend. Plus, the hotel is now one of the official isolation hotels for air travellers. Thanks, but no thanks Spendi
  2. Nothing in 2022 yet, but I've got three in February 2021. I'm doing Valentine's weekend as a solo and a band taping for Coastal Jazz Winter Festival with Dalannah. https://www.coastaljazz.ca/event/dalannah-gail-bowen I'm still picky about which gigs I take, but because I'm an essential visitor for my Mother, I got part one of the Pfizer jab last Friday. Not sure when part two will be, as the plant in Belgium is temporarily closed, and Canada doesn't get any product from Kalamazoo. My current gig status reminds me of Grade 9 and 10, when my band would play 5 to 10 gigs a year, and we
  3. Ha ha. Probably a discount of some sort, but quarantine is always the issue! Pre pandemic and post vaccine, YVR Fairmont is a great choice. You can't get stuck in traffic and miss your plane, the staff is fantastic, it's a 25 or so train ride to downtown Vancouver, and there's a casino nearby (in normal times). Plus it's a short cab ride to some of the best Asian food on the West Coast, due to the large Asian contingent from China that live nearby. As I've mentioned, I played there every Monday for three years. Took me a while to find something to do with my Mondays after the music was
  4. I'm sensing this isn't the place to debate whether Covid is overblown or not, but I can say I know of a half dozen people who have had, or rather have admitted that they have had Covid. Two of them died, one almost died, one had to temporarily close their business, another was quite ill for some time. Now maybe they all lied to me, and the dead people are hiding out on an island, but like I said, I just don't want to debate Covid. Anyway... I took my gigs because I knew the room was very large, and would be very quiet and I trusted that the staff would be very stringent with health protocols.
  5. Getting my hedge cut tomorrow. Costing me over a grand but the last time I cut my hedge, I got bad tennis elbow and could barely play for a couple of weeks. Hmmm come to think of it, I'm not playing anyway, but OTOH I won't use an electric chainsaw in the rain, and all it does is rain here So I finished my "string" of holiday gigs. December 24th, 25th and 31st. Very quiet. NYE had some diners in the restaurant next to me, one person sitting at the bar, a table in the meeting room behind the fireplace wall and at most six or seven people in the lounge. I might have mentioned that unlike th
  6. Just got the contract for my hotel Xmas gigs, so it's a go so far. My agent stipulated that I will be far away from the crowd. Also interesting that there is a Covid clause in the contract. If the room gets shut down due to a health order, there is no cancellation fee paid to me. First time I've seen a pandemic clause...
  7. Yeah, I just might pass on the tip jar. Or bring tongs to handle the money!
  8. I know a few folks that are up against the wall with their Macs and OS, and trying to browse properly. It's finny that for all the comments about Bill Gates trying to put 5G chips in our cereal, Apple is sometimes the big bad brother, forcing one to upgrade or "perish". Looks like you maybe found a work-around, so good stuff.
  9. Well now I have to put up or shup up. Just got offered the 24th, 25th and 31st of December, all instrumentals, in a very large and modern lounge. I would wear a mask and be away from the diners. Much safer than a grocery store clerk or a bus driver, but nothing is 100%. So far I've said yes, but I'll be watching the numbers...
  10. I haven't checked for awhile, but I trust everyone is doing as well as can be expected. It's been so long since I've posted, it's possible I'm about to repeat myself - oh well... blame it on 2020. I haven't been doing much. Filmed a couple of "live" videos for some streaming jazz concerts (with a band). If I find the links I might post them. I did one live outdoor gig in August and that's about it. I've turned down a few gigs because it felt strange to risk my health for a hundred bucks. Mainly been working on this radio musical for a friend. It's way more work than I thought but it keeps
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