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  1. The electro voice evolve 30 I mentioned earlier is on sale for the same price as the bose pro 8. It has a better mixer and and has a max spl of 123 db. The bose doesn't list the spl because it probably sucks.
  2. Be sure and let us know how WAP goes over.😀
  3. You might check out the Electro voice evolve 30m. Electro-Voice Evolve 30M Powered Column Loudspeaker System - Black | Sweetwater It has a built in mixer. Sounds great! I have one but just use it to play music at home. My band is planning on using 2 evolve 50s at a guest ranch gig that starts next month.
  4. Just found out today that our summer guest ranch gigs are cancelled until August. That was 21 dates that would have paid me about $7500.00.
  5. So far none of my gigs have been cancelled. My band doesn't have anything on the books until May. Unless things get better real soon I expect we will lose at least some of them. We have about 35 booked from the beginning of May until about mid October. These pay me from about $350.00-$500.00 a gig. Right now I still have a day job doing construction not sure for how long. One of our gigs was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are scheduled to play a 50th anniversary party at the end of July. The gig is in Long island New York. The couple is planning on flying us out from Montana in a private jet, paying for rooms ,food, and having someone show us the sights for a day before we return home.
  6. Well actually I was wrong. I thought that the battery operated Eon1 pro was the same as the eon one but with a rechargeable battery. I can now see how you got your specs. So I apologize.
  7. My problem is when people start spreading the wrong information. Earlier in this thread you said the Eon one had an 8 inch subwoofer and 250 watts both of those statements are WRONG. Look up the specs for yourself.
  8. Or you could have bought the Alto TS308 which would be twice as loud, go just as low and only weighed 20 pounds for about $100.00 a piece more.
  9. I was comparing the specs to the EON 1 not a Eon615. You said you were getting a pair of 15s since you needed more oomph for out side and large rooms. The Alto you bought has 119 max SPL compared to 118 for the Eon 1 which you agreed had a lot to be desired earlier in this thread. The Eon will also go lower by almost a half octave compared to the Alto which means if you were using your beat buddy the Eon should sound better. Doesn't matter how good of deal you got on your altos still the wrong tool for the job IMO.
  10. I'm assuming since you said 600 watt speakers you are talking about the Alto TX 215. If you read the specs comparing it to the JBL eon 1 the alto loses.
  11. If you can't lift a 30 pound speaker up on a stand maybe it is time to hang it up. The Eon one pro is a joke as you found out. Sell it and buy something worth owning like an EV evolve 50 or if you need the mixer an evolve 30.
  12. Never been in a band that used a tip jar. I think it is tacky. Every now and then someone will give us a tip. We are playing a customer appreciation party this Saturday for a repeat client. One year at the end of the gig he went around and gave each person in the band a $100.00 bill as a tip another year it was a $50.00.
  13. Musicians friend has them on sale for $849.00 which is a $150.00 savings hopefully she got a good deal.
  14. Well if your turbosound is enough for your 4 piece band with electronic drums I guess we have different ideas of enough rig for the gig. My 4 piece country band would be using 4 QSC 181 subs and 4 JBL PRX535s out doors. I really don't see how the subs on the turbosound would make a electronic kick drum or bass guitar sound anywhere near as good as an 18inch subwoofer.
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