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    Took up the guitar aged about twelve and always had one around for the next forty odd years but never doing anything with it. Retired from full time work as a photographer and moved from the UK to Turkey for the climate and lifestyle and with time on my hands started to play more seriously. I also put together an acoustic solo act which has gone from strength to strength gigging most weeks, playing to holiday makers in a local resort, some audiences in excess of 200 folk I spend a lot of time in the USA doing road trips and have visited many states where I have some great friends. . I play an Ovation Custom Elite, a Burns Marquee and a PRS Hollowbody ll together with a variety of harmonicas. I utilize a TC Helicon Voicelive Play GTX. I have also started to record my own songs, which thanks to Internet radio are heard around the world. Still got a huge way to go musically but I am loving being an old dog that is learning new tricks.


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  1. I was bantering with a youngster with a bad stutter who was sat near to the stage and asked him who he had come with. He told me it was his nan Was it so terrible I immediately launched into Hey Jude?
  2. I have one but find that the hard plastic of the locking end has rubbed the finish on my guitar, i simply don't use it now.
  3. I was playing a bar and noticed a bit of a kerfuffle as I played Bruno Mars Marry You. Afterwards a couple came up who told me after living together for over a decade with no intention of getting married, upon hearing my caterwauling, decided to tie the knot. There were tears in everyone's eyes.
  4. Mystic beautiful, Yonkers, literally a bed for the night before moving on. In Pawtucket last night at a blues jam, you would have loved it
  5. Just arrived Yonkers but we are heading away from NYC tomorrow. Look forward to seeing your new digs but must be sad about the last one it was lovely
  6. Pogo - thanks for the offer and although we may walk over the bridge to see the falls from the Canadian side I can't see us going any further into Canada. But we are looking to have a full trip there soon so will definitely look you up then. Bob would love to see you but I fear that Kalamazoo may be a touch far but will have to see how it goes 👍🏼
  7. Will be flying into JFK tomorrow and spending a few weeks with the missus driving around the NE states. No route planned yet, but will be going as far east as Cape Cod and north as Buffalo. We will be looking , as always, to enjoy some live music bars/coffee shops/wineries etc. So if anyone has any recommendations or better yet is playing and wants a couple of enthusiastic audience memebers let me know
  8. I wonder if the celebrities actually have any say whatsoever in if they turn or not. I suspect not.
  9. I am playing a small new bar this Wednesday and used a Facebook messenger to notify a few people, it will probably result in half a dozen or so coming. So it works for me, if I really went for it by advertising on relative Facebook groups experience says considerably more would come. But I will leave that to the bar to do via their Facebook group. When I visited the venue a few nights ago I was talking to the owner/manager and was overheard by a table of ladies, one or two had seen me before, who immediately booked a car service (this bar picks people up and takes them home) and also got on their phones to ask friends if they wanted to attend. So all this combined with the bars advertising should get to the 60 or so capacity, not bad for a Wednesday in early April. Here Facebook works.
  10. Love the expression "Junk Food Music" pretty much describes my set, in fact I think it may become my tag-line on adverts. Steve Mac - Junk Food Musician
  11. I find myself constantly reviewing my set lists these days, partly to cater toward my "slightly" younger audience but mainly to keep myself interested. To that end these are a few that I have recently added. Crazy - Gnarles Barclay (play it in the same key as original and have added a bluesy solo at the end) Venus - Shocking Blue / Bananarama (I was looking for a song that went from open chords to bar chords for my students) this song was top of the charts twice twenty years apart so fits nicely with my demographic. Call Me - Blondie (translates well to a solo performer) a hit in 1980 which is scarily nearly 40 ago The Boxer - Paul Simon (I am a weak finger picker, but someone requested this and I thought why not)
  12. Just spent a very pleasant hour listening to Wes on YouTube. Just great stuff. Seemed like a great guy.
  13. Agree, twice in a few months I have been approached to team up with other solos and each time fail to see any advantage. Added to working for what would be half pay. Nope not for me.
  14. I have always been impressed with the Tom Anderson Crowdster plus 2 but the price is, for me, prohibitive. Godwin has never been on my radar until recently but from what I have seen very impressed. I wouldn't be looking if PRS actually spent as much time making their guitars as reliable as they do making them pretty. 😤
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