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    Took up the guitar aged about twelve and always had one around for the next forty odd years but never doing anything with it. Retired from full time work as a photographer and moved from the UK to Turkey for the climate and lifestyle and with time on my hands started to play more seriously. I also put together an acoustic solo act which has gone from strength to strength gigging most weeks, playing to holiday makers in a local resort, some audiences in excess of 200 folk I spend a lot of time in the USA doing road trips and have visited many states where I have some great friends. . I play an Ovation Custom Elite, a Burns Marquee and a PRS Hollowbody ll together with a variety of harmonicas. I utilize a TC Helicon Voicelive Play GTX. I have also started to record my own songs, which thanks to Internet radio are heard around the world. Still got a huge way to go musically but I am loving being an old dog that is learning new tricks.


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  1. It literally just says that I can't do it 🤷đŸŊ‍♂ī¸ The version is 10.3.3 which is the latest my old pad can update to cheers
  2. Nope still getting can't paste images directly warning then nothing 🤷đŸŊ‍♂ī¸
  3. Voltan, I have been trying to hear you do your thing for years, how do I find you on FB? Cheers Steve
  4. I just tried to copy paste from the stored pics on the iPad
  5. I tried and just keep getting a message saying "you cannot paste images directly. upload or video insert images from URL"
  6. I used to be able to post pics here using tiny pics.com but they have gone to the wall can anyone please help with the best and easiest way to do it now. Thanks
  7. Last summer I borrowed a Tom Anderson Crowdster plus to perform at a gig in New Jersey and if I was spending "big bucks" on a hybrid then this would be the one it had tone for dayz. But I couldn't justify it for a regular gigging guitar.
  8. Whilst I love this site, it definitely needs a new injection of umph. Will watch with intrest.
  9. Thanks for the input but at more than 3x the price and nigh on impossible for me to source here plus they don't have the required magnetic pickup. These beautiful guitars will have to remain strangers to me
  10. We seem to be in as good a place as any where we are, government were quick to get on top of things with disinfecting public transport/places etc. Bars and restaurants have closed but are still all providing delivery services as well as offering to do shopping, paying bills etc for anyone struggling. All shops are still open and fully stocked with no indication of panic buying seen elsewhere. Sun is out and it's getting warmer every day so generally just chilling. Of course my heart goes out to less fortunate and we do count our blessings being here. All the best to all of my Harmony Central friends hopefully it will pass sooner than later. Much love Steve
  11. Shaster, thank you so much... my birthday is still aways off, so Coronavirus allowing, I will probably get a chance to fly over to the UK and will seek one out before ordering one at home. Again many thanks 👍đŸŧ
  12. Look good but a bit pricey and you are right in that I would struggle to find one here ☚ī¸
  13. I am hoping by running the acoustic side of things thru TC Helicon's BodyRez, I will be able to mold the sound to my liking and as for the magnetic side of things I plan on running that thru my Atomic amp simulator as I currently do on my PRS to good effect. Oh to be able to have both the Godin and the Fender for half an hour side by side to decide. At the end of the day the split output on the Godin and the vast price difference may decide for me. 🤷đŸŊ‍♂ī¸
  14. Shaster that Koa version looks a treat. I will be using it with two leads so what I would like to know is how does the acoustic side of things sound directly into a powered speaker. Is it a creditable "acoustic" sound? I will be putting it through a TC Helicon Playacoustic so if it sounds great directly into a speaker it will only sound better after. Can it cope with enthusiastic strumming as well as some finger picking? Is the battery easy to change, I read somewhere on older models it was tricky. Can the humbucker take effects well? I will be sending this through an amp/IR sim that will add some reverb and grit for soloing. Would losing the wound third be hugely detrimental to the sound? Does it have a decent percussive sound i.e. Thumping the body to get a kick drum effect Essentially could you see it performing well for a solo act doing pop covers in a bar setting using a looper. Godin have another model called an Acoustacaster 40th anniversary which is even more Tele like and to be honest I prefer the looks but it's considerably more expensive and I am not sure from the few YouTube videos of if it would be up to the job, especially the mini humbucker. So if the store has one for comparison that would be fantastic. any and all advice gratefully received - Steve
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