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    Took up the guitar aged about twelve and always had one around for the next forty odd years but never doing anything with it. Retired from full time work as a photographer and moved from the UK to Turkey for the climate and lifestyle and with time on my hands started to play more seriously. I also put together an acoustic solo act which has gone from strength to strength gigging most weeks, playing to holiday makers in a local resort, some audiences in excess of 200 folk I spend a lot of time in the USA doing road trips and have visited many states where I have some great friends. . I play an Ovation Custom Elite, a Burns Marquee and a PRS Hollowbody ll together with a variety of harmonicas. I utilize a TC Helicon Voicelive Play GTX. I have also started to record my own songs, which thanks to Internet radio are heard around the world. Still got a huge way to go musically but I am loving being an old dog that is learning new tricks.


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  1. I have one but find that the hard plastic of the locking end has rubbed the finish on my guitar, i simply don't use it now.
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