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  1. For my weekend gigs that I have. I just use 'Setlist Helper' app (Do a search) in my Samsung 10"Tablet. I get my songs from here http://www.karaoke-version.com/custombackingtrack/?aff=670 You have total control of what tracks you want to play along with or mute. They lyrics synch right with the mp3 files. Just touch and go.
  2. LOL. Voltan your too funny. I like your idea of ziggging and zagging through a song. I need to open up like that. Switch up during a song with another. Just not that brave yet. 😁
  3. I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to manipulating MIDI files. I can sit in a dark room all night and day and fiddle with them till I get them just the way I want. I am really a drum and bass minimalist when it comes to backing tracks. I strip every bit of information out of a MIDI file that is not needed. My sound module has 4 channels out. I use separate volume controls for each off my PA board. Then play guitar to that and sing. Then again here comes the Beatbuddy and before you know it I have a stuff load of songs set up on it. Being in bands forever I have had my share of drummers and bass
  4. Was doing the solo duo thing for years up here in Michigan. Got lured into playing in a 4 piece band. Fast forward 5 years and here I am again! I have a lot more equipment this tome around. Just need to decide what I want to use to play my backing tracks and what sound system to use. Amazing over the years how much stuff you collect when it seemed like a good idea at the time LOL.
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