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  1. My guy hasn't tried that yet.
  2. Have you taken the potentiometer out and looked at it to see what kind of pot it is? Just asking, before we get started. Looked it up, and I guess it's an audio tapper. 250K https://www.stewmac.com/electronics/components-and-parts/potentiometers/emerson-pro-cts-blender-no-load-pot.html https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/2112367--mojo-tone-cts-blender-potentiometer-250k?mrkgadid=3331288117&mrkgcl=28&mrkgen=gpla&mrkgbflag=0&mrkgcat=guitars&&acctid=21700000001645388&dskeywordid=92700046938600922&lid=92700046938600922&ds_s_kwgid=58700005283398302&ds_s_inventory_feed_id=97700000007215323&dsproductgroupid=411257367559&product_id=2112367&prodctry=US&prodlang=en&channel=online&storeid=&device=c&network=g&matchtype=&locationid=9001727&creative=332063179836&targetid=pla-411257367559&campaignid=1708733954&gclid=CjwKCAjw97P5BRBQEiwAGflV6ey-xKAPdO7dn82UvEC6Oq0ABNU8lzpGtFh-2tKhE9YATraqcR4SEhoCpKsQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  3. Yeah he was. We had an album by him when I was a kid. The one with Light My Fire on it. Sounds like he's still pretty good.
  4. Being a guitar player there;s not much that is more exciting than a new guitar day. Possibly New Girlfriend Day. I've kept more guitars. You know almost from the get go, if it's gonna be a keeper. Girlfriends, well not so much. Wives can have a breaking period too. Don't tell my wife of 11 years, who was my live in GF for 14 before that. She called her self the fiancee for a long time. I said will see.
  5. Mikeo


    is there audible change, sag, tightness,,, whatever? yes. I personally never have change out a rectifier in a guitar amp. Whatever Leo Fender, Jim Marshall, or Dr Z put in was fine with me. Most of the time I just play the damn thing, and I'm good with it. Changed Pre amp tubes and some power tubes. Then again I'm not that crazy.
  6. That sound really good. I like the slight country snap and spank to the pick up. I have and older PRS Custom 22. I kept the 5 way rotary switch in it for the most tonal possibilities. Many people say they hate the pick up in the older CU 22/ CU 24. I don't think it's bad at all. Here's mine. McCarty Sunburst 10 topper with all the eye candy. Fat wide neck. I'm and old skool tele guy, for the most part, but I own more than a few guitars. Playing and collecting stuff for 45 years. On that note: I never really changes out a pick up. I just buy what I want the first time around and call it. If I ever get another PRS, it will be the newer 594 single cut. They weigh a ton, but look killer and sound killer. This could be on my list.
  7. Here's a couple more you might dig. Andy does great videos.
  8. Rock, metal or country. A delay knows no genre. I have a MXR Carbon copy on my pedal board, as it takes up not that much real estate. Strymon makes a couple of great delays, if you like delay and have some coin to toss around. You're looking at the 300- 400 plus dollar range and a bigger foot print.
  9. It was probably getting close to a cigarette break time on the line.
  10. Keep it, and don't change it, it make you who you are and unique.
  11. Nothing with the electrical part, just some good advice, maybe.
  12. Mikeo

    AMP W/O A FUSE,,,,

    I was playing at a festival one day a long time ago, and the bone head electrician wired the stage for 240VAC, instead of the standard 12VAC. I didn't have my guitar plugged in, but when I turned on the amp and warm it up, it was dead as a door nail. I have no idea what else was fried that day. The outside fuse doesn't do much until it does everything, like save your life. I thought they fried my amp, but they didn't. The outside fuse protected the amp too. I ended up using another amp that day. I don't normal carry fuses, but probably should. I have em in a bin of electronic stuff in my cellar.
  13. I like you vocs, for what they are. In that track I would suggest a bit of compression to bring up the softer pronunciation of words and symbols and that should squash down the stronger parts of words. I'm not great singer, but I did some backing vocs for a friend not long ago,we spent more time on my vocs than any guitar parts I cut for the album. Same with his vocs. The most difficult part I has is watching out for p popping, mouth clicks and essssssssssssss, plus matching up what he sang to what I was able to do. I said to my buddy, if everyone could do it, I wouldn't need to be here. I listened to some of your other stuff too. Nice voice. classic soft rock tones. A slight UK/ Irish accent. In pro-tools it's easy to fix pops, essss, and any clicking you could hear. We didn't doctor up any vocals with BS processing.
  14. I have owned a much of Mesa amps over the years. Started with a DC5 w/ no graphic eq I also had a Mes Trem-o-verb 1x12 combo. It was an amazing amp. It also weighed in a 98 lbs. It's a Fender Twin Reverb killer, and more I also had a Maverick 2x12, I figured I might like some around the house that was kind of Class A vox-like. It sounded more like a Early Fender Brownie to me. I looked at the Marks a zillion times and they were so complicated, sharing some tone controls. The shop told me I needed to play with the thing to find my sounds. I passed and bought a 1x12 Nomad. That am,p I still have . It's not light but I can at least pick it up. It's a 3 channel amp. It was not popular like the Mark 4's, and for a few hundred more most folks opted for a Mark 4 over the Nomad. I sold the T Verb and funded a 1x12 Dr Z maz 18 combo with reverb and the eq bypass mod. I like that amp a lot. I sold a lot of amps over the decades. Most were just to big, to heavy. I have a bunch of grab and goes, of the rack amps too. I did some electric guitar work for a buddy of mine last week. I used a Gibson Goldtone Les Paul Jr 5 watter with an 8" speaker I bought new for like 250 bucks. https://reverb.com/item/1250418-gibson-ga-5-les-paul-jr-reissue-amp-handwired-by-mojotone These little gems were made by Mojotone for Gibson from around 2002-2006. This is one of the later ones from 2006. Handwired, turret board construction with high quality components including Heyboyer iron and a polished stainless steel chassis. IIRC, it uses a variation of the Fender Champ 5F1 circuit, runing at 5W and using a EL84 and a single 12AX7. I assume it's SS rectified, since there is no rectifier tube.
  15. It's funny how this old threads pop up every now and them. I'm not sure how old Mr. Dumble is these days, but I hear he still build about 5 amps a year. The Special Over Drives are probably all snagged up, by famous folks and collectors. hey were fetching like 100 grand plus for the Special Over Drive. Dumble will repair any amp he has made for free, as long as he lives and is able. I saw Robben Ford maybe 10 years ago and he wasn't using his Dumble amp. That doesn't mean he doesn't take out his Dumble(s) amp for other larger gigs. They seems very chimey like a old Vox, but are based around a Fender Bassman piggy back head. More fragile harmonic Dumble say can survive in a vacuum tube, but not in a crystal latices in transistor. I still see some of his modded Fender amps selling for 30k. I believe Robben is living in Nashville these days and read he played on Daniel Donato's album. Daniel is a pretty fine tasty picker himself.
  16. Rule of thumb with Gibson Les Pauls and Gibson SG's. If if they are in the case, don't know the case over. My luthier has made a fine living repairing Gibson head stocks. The Customs with 3 piece maple necks might be a bit more forgiving. I have never had and issue, but a J185 I own I had laying against the bed and dented the top of the head stock. My luthier steamed out the dent and ever polished the top of the headstock, better than Gibson ever though of doing. I still have the J185 that was purchased in 1993. It has a lovely flamed back on it, better what I have seen on many J185. It's in a very sweet Cali Girl styled case. I own a lot of Gibson gear I have collected over 4 decades, and it's all in really fine shape.
  17. Pretty much my choice of stings on my acoustics. Made in Farmingdale NY. For electrics I use these. I have a couple of jazzbox guitars set up with flat wounds Chromes I have tried many other brands too over the decades. Ernie Ball, Martin Marquis on acoustics, Elixers and the list goes on and on.
  18. At one time I have 110,000 posts. I had a lot of important things to say over the past 20 years.
  19. I have a few OD boxes I have collected over the years. A Fulltone OCD A RAT 2 I used back in the 90's A MXR Distortion + that I used in the late 70's early 80's. My dad gave that to me for Christmas. I think it's up in my attic, but where is a bigger question. I'm not in to the higher gain tones, that many OD can deliver. The only thing on my pedal bard these days is a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 I have never owned a piece of Behringer gears, but if it works for your all the better. I've seen a lot of broken Behringer stuff, and it's not the most reliable stuff. You may have better luck than may. The OCD folks love, but I prefer the Fulltone Full-Drive 2.
  20. I have a sunburst Gibson J45 with traditional mahogany back and sides. The make en with Rosewood back and sides now. Mine has the 100 anniversary sticker in side, so I must have got it in 1994. Came in a nice dark brown tolex case with purple fuzzy liner. It sounds awesome. Paid a whopping 700 bucks for it new at the time. I actually bought as a back up acoustic, thinking I might need something to go along with my Martin MC 28. Neither guitar owes me a dime. I'm almost ready to get some fret work down on the Gibson, the Martin was done years ago. I have actually stopped taking out such nice guitarist to bars, and use either a Martin 00016RGT or a Koa Taylor GS mini. The Epiphne looks ever nice and I like the headstock design too.
  21. It takes quite a bit to ruin a guitar, but it has been done.
  22. I believe there are deals all over the USA. Probably in your are too. The Godin company is in Canada, I guess they have some plants in the USA in places like New Hampshire. Seagull is there big acoustic thing. I have heard a few Seagulls, and never have been that impressed. Seagull and Godin are not real popular here either. The work with a lot of mahogany tops. The 5th Ave has a cherry top. Godin Multiacs are kind of interesting instruments. Ya know for the coin, I guess they are decent. https://godinguitars.com/dealers
  23. Nice You should have the 3 way tone selector on that too. I like that set up. However I not a fan of the zero fret
  24. I also have an ES 135 in black withe the Classic 57's in it. I was looking about 10 years ago for a Gibson ES 125. A lot of em are pretty beat up and need work, so I wouldn't just buy online. I got a Godin 5th Ave Kingpin, like this, same color. I have it strung up with flat wound Chromes. No case came with them and I have a TKL case for it. Later I like the Kingpin single pup one so much, I bought a Kingpin with 2 pups and a cutaway in burgandy. That came with Godins TRIC case. It's a good light case and is handy if you have to walk you gear in to a festival. My personal fav is the Tenneesee Rose Gretsch, which are MIJ, and pretty flawless. The Gibson ES 257 is a gem. It wasn't cheap and I was looking for a jazzbox around the time Phil reviewed the guitar. It's does a lot. So far, I think I lost value on that one, but I don't care. I don't buy instruments for show and tell collectors pieces. I was gonna spring for a L4 I'm pretty gentle on gear. If I owned a 500k dollar original flame top Les Paul from like 59, I'd just play it.
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