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  1. cpx700ii-medium-jumbo-cutaway-acoustic-electric-guitar Upgraded styling and specification with the exclusive ART pickup system. FEATURES Solid Sitka Spruce Top Nato (Eastern Mahogany) Neck, Back & Sides Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge Die-Cast Chrome Tuners System-64 1way A.R.T. Pickup/Preamp Soundhole Cover Accessory Kit (manual, truss rod wrench) Nut width: 43mm String length: 650mm Body depth: 95-115mm (3-3/4"-4-1/2") cpx700-cutaway-acoustic-electic-guitar FEATURES Top: Solid Spruce Back & Sides: Mahogany Body Depth: 3.74" - 4.53" Neck: Nato Fretboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Nut Width: 1.69" 14 Fret Width: 2.165" String Length: 25.59" Electronics: System56 (A.R.T.) 1-Way Pickup System with on board tuner, 3-band EQ and gold colored control panel Hardware: Diecast Chrome
  2. Very cool. I look forward to the progress and completed instrument.
  3. I have one of these and it's very silvery. Not what you're looking for, but they have their place in the history.
  4. I have a black duo Jet with TV Jones pups and a bigsby, they make it in a sparkle silver too. It's way more than you want to pay. Try the electromatics, as they are very nice. Replace the pups with some TV Jones when you get the chance. I once brought a Dearmond M75T in ‘Champagne Sparkle, but it was super heavy. The ones made later were tone chambered and will have the smaller headstock. Fender Jazzmaster came in inca silver, but it's a rare color. That was 10 years ago.
  5. Baggs makes a couple of different Element pick ups. One is called the VCT and it has a tone control. I just got a Martin 00028 and I plan on installing the Fishman Eclipse Matrix Blend in it. about $299 plus the install Of course it's worth it. A buddy of mine has a D28 and had the D-TAR Multi-Source Pickup-Mic System installed in it. It sounds good. We both us the Fishman Spectra DI on stage too. It can fake the whole sound of a well mic-ed acoustic. Well worth looking at. The D18's are very nice sounding for a lower cost Martin. The tops are thinner so make sure you hydrate them in the winter months or they will warp on you. I have 2 00016's and a MC 28, plus the new 00028, and a few Gibson's. I also have a few acoustic amps. Many times when playing out I us the spectrum DI and just go through the house PA. People like my set as an opener, cause I'm off stage quickly. LOL The only Baggs pick I use is on my Gibson F5G mandolin. It's the M Radius and I push it through a LR Baggs Venue DI. The set up was not inexpensive, but sound natural and lovely and basically sticks on the mandolin. In my opinion, anything worth doing is worth doing right. If you love the Breedlove, keep it, save your money and install something in the Martin at a later date.
  6. I'd return the guitar asap. There's a lot of stuff that could cause this. Might be a wrong neck set The neck is not straight and has some kind of bow in it. You'll want to have some relief to the neck, done with the truss rod. Poor bridge set up Poor fret leveling How's the nut look. Might be cut too low. Have it check out with your local luthier., f you think you might love the guitar. What gauge strings were on there and what did you put on there. I'd check the straightness of the neck and the nut first.
  7. Have not played one, but I remember them in the early 80's.
  8. I have a 62 Tele Reissue that I bought new in 1985. MIJ custom and binding on the body. Made when Fender was first bought out an was having a difficult time keeping up with production in the USA. Bought as a back up guitar, and it quickly moved to the front of the pack for every electric gig I have done since. To me this one Priceless, but you can find one out there for like a grand or more, depending on condition.
  9. There's plenty of videos on the Road series, but I didn't immediately see that specific guitar. On the other hand it is no longer made either and it has been upgraded to the D 13E https://www.martinguitar.com/guitars/road-series/d-13e/
  10. If money is no object try the QSC 12" 0r 15" powered speakers and one of the sub woofers they make. You need the QSC touch screen digital mixer too. Your neighbors are gonna be really happy about this too, and they will love you chops and licks. Other wise, a nice set of closed headphones like some Beyer's, Sony's or top notch professional headphone should do just fine.
  11. I wonder what they did with all the physical product that just sat there. Tossed probably.
  12. Buying used on Ebay, or Craigslist I wouldn't recommend for a beginner, unless someone more experienced went with that person. You could be looking at a poor set up, saddle cut too low that need to be replaces, a worn nut. Something like an overly dried out instrument with a bowed top. Possibly even a neck reset. It could be to risky for a newbie. I have seen new stuff sitting in shops, that needs work too. The Guitar Center is notorious for hanging instruments on the wall and folks just coming in to play then and beating the heck out of stuff. They are better at humidity control these days then they have been in past decades. I was looking at a Gibson Hummingbird a few years back at the GC. I wasn't there for that guitar, but the instrument has a cracked and lifted bridge. How that would ever sell, I have no idea. $4000 ain't exactly chump change. I actually played it and sound quite amazing. Go figure
  13. Personally in that budget range I stick with something used. Save you money and save up for something you will want to keep for a lifetime. In today's world 500 bucks doesn't get you that much. Personally I'd rather the Breedlove However I have not played that model Yamaha also makes a fine guitar. Once you plug an acoustic guitar in, you enter a whole didn't world. You'll find out quickly how the pick up really sounds,. Would you be plugging it in to a PA or using an acoustic amp? Many folks that don't want to haul out some vintage Gibson or a Martin, to do bar work Like Takamine'ss too. Great for strumming Maybe a lower end Taylor. The Expression System 2 is really good. I have one in a GS Mini 799. Taylor 114e Acoustic-Electric Guitar Found one used on Reverb. https://reverb.com/item/18512221-taylor-114e-grand-auditorium-acoustic-electric-2007-2015-natural
  14. Sounds good. I have a 57 strat RI I bought in 1984 and a 62 RI strat RI bought in the mid 80's. I'm not sure what they used for pups, or the windings values.
  15. I use one of these for running 2 amps. I recommend it. You can bridge a single amp like this or even 2 amps.
  16. Made me smile. I love it.
  17. I was unfamiliar with those songs too. I watched her last night. I'll call it a work in progress, just like my 45 years of guitar playing. Keep working at it and taking lessons.
  18. Mahogany back and sides. Maybe.
  19. Mikeo


    My smart phone might be smarter than me.
  20. I wonder if Jam Hub is still around? There's used one on reverb for not that much.
  21. People have moved on, passed away and are doing different stuff. It's slower here than it was 10-20 years ago. Still it's a great resource.
  22. Maybe some UV light. Or alcohol in a spray bottle. An sm 58 has quite a bit of foam in the cover. you could unscrew that cover and lightly spray it. The handle can be just wiped off with a disinfectant. A virus needs to live on something. Like spit.
  23. Good cal, but I have seen more broken Behringer gear than almost any brand. I'd probably go with a Roland if I wanted an amp like that. It's 200 bucks more, but you get what you pay for. Parts for Roland are a PITA to get. I had to get a speaker for a monitor once. PITA.
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