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  1. Notes, I used to use exactly the same setup that you describe, (right down to the backup laptop for an emergency that never happened) until I tried OnSong. Using OnSong on an iPad, let's say you just finished playing "Accentuate the Positive" and you think the crowd's ready for "She's Not There". 1. At the upper left corner of the screen, tap the word "Songs" The left side of the screen becomes a column showing an alphabetical listing of your titles. The right edge of this column is a strip with all the letters of the alphabet. 2. Tap "S" in this strip, and the listing instantly scrolls down to the first song beginning with "S" Now the listing shows 14 songs at a time so (if you have my repertoire) you're seeing "Sailin' Shoes" to "September Song" so: 3. You have to flick your fingertip upward in the listing, which sets the list scrolling upwards with momentum. When the "Sh" listings appear a tap stops the scrolling, and a single tap on "She's Not There" opens the lyric/chord sheet. 4. At the lower right corner is the familiar "Play" icon, and one tap starts the track. At the risk of sounding like a fanatic, I LOVE this app! :-)
  2. Hi Shadowfax Like Riley Wilson and Notes I've been playing to my tracks for a long time (the first song I recorded a track for was Pink Cadillac, in 1985, using a Mac Plus and a Midi recorder called MidiPaint) and it's a great way to play music. Of course I play with full bands too. I'm primarily a guitarist and I play solo; in a duo with a keyboard player/vocalist: and lately (tonight, in fact) in a trio with another guitarist and a keyboard/harmonica player, using the same library of tracks which I affectionately refer to as "The Little Band". Most tracks are drums and bass and perhaps some keys and background vocals. I now create the tracks in Digital Performer or Pro Tools, mix them down to mp3 and on stage they play back from an iPad running an awesome app called OnSong, which gives me lyrics and chords (I have a bad case of CRS) and plays the appropriate mp3 at the touch of a start button. I'll attach an oversized bizcard that I put a stack of next to the tip hat when I play solo... skmarshall.com
  3. I should say i've been playing one of these for five or six years: https://reverb.com/item/5793533-samick-greg-bennett-remington-solid-body-acoustic-electric and as you can see, new or used they don't break the bank... and no feedback even with loud monitoring. Weighs about the same as a Telecaster.
  4. "I also create a blank song for each venue with the venue as its title, instead of lyrics I note things like the owners/managers name and contact numbers, other staff names," What an amazing idea! Seriously, why didn't that ever occur to me? I'm so bad at remembering names of managers and waitstaff, and details like that make such a difference. I'm going to start that tonight. Thanks Steve!
  5. That's my nightmare too! Just about every trip to a gig I have that "Did I pack the iPad?!?" moment, and I find myself trying to drive and reach into the computer bag to make sure it's there at the same time. I have put OnSong on my iPhone and keep it backed up with the same data as the iPad, but the screen is so small, it would be a tough night. I'm glad you made it through the night ok, good work!
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