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  1. "I also create a blank song for each venue with the venue as its title, instead of lyrics I note things like the owners/managers name and contact numbers, other staff names," What an amazing idea! Seriously, why didn't that ever occur to me? I'm so bad at remembering names of managers and waitstaff, and details like that make such a difference. I'm going to start that tonight. Thanks Steve!
  2. That's my nightmare too! Just about every trip to a gig I have that "Did I pack the iPad?!?" moment, and I find myself trying to drive and reach into the computer bag to make sure it's there at the same time. I have put OnSong on my iPhone and keep it backed up with the same data as the iPad, but the screen is so small, it would be a tough night. I'm glad you made it through the night ok, good work!
  3. Make your own tracks. It's not as hard as you might think, and has many advantages.
  4. Getting the amp off the floor IS very important, I think. I've got a couple of these folding stools (Walmart - $13.00) They will get your amp 25" off the ground so your highs don't get lost and you get a better sense of how loud you're playing. They're very light and folded they lay flat.
  5. My wife and I played a country dance this afternoon. We do about three quarters of our material with tracks, but when we're doing a song without tracks she uses the bass EQ control on her Roland RD300 to boost the bass, and her left hand becomes the bass player. Well today the bass eq knob must have taken a hit in transport, so that it read "off" unless there was a light pressure on the top of the knob, and given that, the potentiometer would read its actual value, and we get the bass back. Couldn't tape it down, as it still had to turn to set the bass level. Whatever will we do? So now you can say you saw somebody use a capo on a keyboard!
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