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    In my day Ace Frehley was the man. Page and Hendrix had already made their mark (which I wouldn't realize until later in life). My 13 year old was awed by Kurt Cobain. It's kind of weird that Kurt Cobain would be looked at as any kind of guitar hero because he really wasn't. Great songwriter though...


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      The existence of the vagina.

      I think you're probably right and Cobain is high up there. I remember reading somewhere that guitar sales went through the roof during the whole "grunge" explosion, so that would make sense.

      Now it might actually be John Mayer.
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        Leo Fender
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          The Beatles more than anyone.

          And there still doing it.

          +1 for the Beatles- and I'm not a huge fan!
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            Frank Zappa, Euroboy and Robert Fripp.
            Originally Posted by Motorik

            If I were a boxer my walk-in music would be 'Do You Really Wanna Hurt Me?"

            Originally Posted by vikingrat

            America because we have more dead people on Mt Everest and we have Lake Tahoe which the native Asians believed to be the mouth way to hell. Also Blackmore, Malmsteen, Page, Hackett, Howe, Fripp etc were all born in America. Futhurmore the best bands to come out of the British Invasion wre Americans. We also have fat homeless people.


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              Leo Fender

              You get an A+.


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                What inspires people to play guitar the most? The prospect of getting laid.

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                Originally Posted by guitarbilly74

                That thing tickling your throat? It's my cock in your mouth, suck it. Suck it good.


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                  Unfortunately you nailed it there. Although it's hilarious when they find out they still need actual social skills.


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                    EVH, Randy Rhoads, Jimi, Keef, Clapton, Page, Ace. Although for me it was that guy in the guitar shop with his wild hair and ugly Yamaha shredding away and throwing in some twang...">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">

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                    Originally posted by aenemated
                    that costs less than like 3 hours of boozin on a tuesday

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                      For me and a lot of my friends it was actually David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. Yea I grew up listening to the Beatles, Clapton, Hendrix, but once I heard "Echoes" I wanted to learn guitar. I had been playing piano and bassoon for a while, so I loved the way he created melody within his guitar lines, it wasn't just some guy shredding, like Malmsteen or something.

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                        Chuck Berry insipred guys like Clapton and Keef who in turn inspired guys like EVH who in turn inspired like......a **************** load more people.


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                          Eric Clapton
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                            Chuck Berry, Johnny Ramone... the whole punk thing got a lot of kids who knew they would be **************** at guitar to not care about being **************** and pick up guitars anyway...
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                            Originally Posted by Dom1412

                            Anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

                            Originally Posted by V-man

                            My uncle got into a bar fight with a tele wielding blackbear and lost an eye, and my ex wife's name was Fender Stratocaster.

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                              Whoever played the fingerpicked acoustic intro to Dust in the Wind.


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                                Where I grew up at it was AC/DC & Kiss & Ted Nugent. Nugent hunts up where I grew up & a lot of people love him in Michigan and he use to do a Christmas concert every year & 1/2 the time Kiss would to.
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