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  1. Sorry I forgot to add: A good Greenback IR! And I forgot to mention I run into a pair of powered Mackie HR824 monitors
  2. With my Trem equipped Strats I like to have the trem capable of a full step pull up. I commonly use them for that. It screws a tad with your tuning stability for long string bends but with a little "feel" practice it's doable. Floyds I could never bond with as I often rest my wrist on the bridge and it both feels weird and seems too easy to mess up the pitch of your axe whilst in action. Other than that I'd love that style of trem.
  3. I love both! The P.J. is quite a little amp! Both similar yet.... different. B.J. is one of Fender's most appealing offerings. If you run one into a Two notes capture and line out it into a good Greenback 4x12 IR and dime it (or close to it depending on your level of squish needed) it can sound really really good. If you listen to that tone recorded and in the context of a mix it is great! Pro Jr.? IMHO that amp can do no wrong (again I rarely use EITHER of these amps without being in congruency with a good cab IR). This way I can play it blasting like it is
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