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  1. Love the silverburst. Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day
  2. Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day
  3. Congrats on a beautiful guitar.
  4. The redesigns made things frustrating to the point of wanting to quit. That and some real life challenges made it a tough place for me to spend time. The few times I have checked back, it has been so dead that it didn't seem worthwhile. I hope everyone is doing okay.
  5. I have an Epiphone ES-339 P90 Pro in vintage sunburst that I bought from Musicians Friend for $320. It is not an okay guitar. It is an excellent guitar. Plays like a dream and sounds great. Is it as good as a guitar that costs $2000 more? No, but I like it plenty and could actually afford it.
  6. Never owned a Taylor, so I cannot comment. The wife is definitely a keeper. Congrats on the new acoustic.
  7. Very talented. Will be interesting to see where he goes as he matures. I love his guitar.
  8. Very impressive. Now you need to give those to charity (me) and start over
  9. I have high hopes for this. I really miss this place.
  10. I still come in and lurk sometimes. I loved this board before the "upgrades." Wishing the new management best of luck.
  11. Very impressive. Thanks for sharing them.
  12. Glad he is playing and looking healthy.
  13. If I claimed my farts smelled like a bouquet of roses, would you believe me? Perhaps. I am a trusting soul.
  14. I am so jealous. Love those specials. Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day!
  15. Kick cancer's ass Dustin. Prayers from Oregon. Hang in there Kevman.
  16. Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day!
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