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  1. Dogs are good for people, I'm glad there are some people that are good for dogs. Keep being good, Woody.
  2. Sorry to hear, man. What a rough month. I've just started fostering a rescue dog a week ago, a month after my dog died. It's brought a lot of grief to the forefront but its also pretty awesome to help a dog learn and grow and hopefully move on to a great new home. Someday, I'll be able to think about another dog that's mine. You will, too. It's an awful hurt, but remember you made everyday a joy for those two dogs, and their love is forever even if their bodies aren't. Recycle the love.
  3. Unfortunately, I feel that I have to retract my previous post supporting JJ.. In recent days, I feel that JJ has betrayed the values for which I believed he stood. I cannot support this man and I feel that any office he holds will soon be rampant with corruption, beer cans and a sweaty smell. Sweep the leg, Raven!
  4. It's quite clear to me that the good people of HCEG are calling on me to stand tall for them, to guide them through these rough times. I am here with you, my brothers, I and my furious banhammer of banishment.
  5. great player but hes like a really hot dumb chick.as long as she doesnt say anything shes tolerable. Yeah he is pretty hot, isn't he?
  6. Apathy helped bring down the Roman Empire. Like I care.
  7. All these posts and no mention of Yoko's tones? I don't know if I'm proud or ashamed of you guys. Wait, I'll go with indifferent.
  8. That's why I stop by about once a month just to see if anything's changed. It hasn't. How's your playing lately? I've had a couple of nice surprises in my lead work this past month or so, and I'm spending a bit more time casually playing. I really should focus on learning something for real.
  9. Things were way better at HC back in the '70s, when music was still good. I can't say if the Internet was better in the 70s, but there were definitely fewer flamewars and trolls. Of course, back then, everybody was more open minded, guitarists had skills and women cared, and of course, as you point out, music was much better.
  10. Originally Posted by guedzilla Strange, they should be listed on my signature... The list goes: CPX700, SF700, SG3000, AE2000 and my last aquisition, which I'm still trying to figure if it is an AE1200, AE1200S or AE1200SII. Sexy beasts, indeed.
  11. It's funny when I think of how many threads like this have been posted here over the years, lamenting the good old days at HC. I've started a good number of them myself.
  12. how about Django vs JJPistols for Mod2012? Quit trolling my thread, troll. It's trollish.
  13. Being a mod sucks, you don't want to do it. I'm pretty sure I just banned you for telling me what I want. And for language. You can't {censored}ing say that something "sucks." It's just temporary. I think you've cooled off enough. You've been reinstated with full privileges.
  14. As chairman of Americans For Parachute Packs Filled With Dirtu Silverware (AFPPFWDS) I must register my protest. Our products have several distinct advantages over the trite anvil or piano dropped on the head. Portability, cost and surprise, of course, are the hallmarks of a great PPFWDS attack. Once you've tried one of our great offerings, we feel that you'll never return to traditional toon attacks again. In fact, we just signed a new distribution agreement with Acme, so you'll be seeing our wares in such new films as Daffy Does The Dishes and Fork You Bugs Bunny! Thank you, Chester Miltdown, Chairman AFPPFWDD, Ltd Good luck. ACME's quality slipped to even greater lows after it went offshore with its operations some years back. If its true that they are switching back to domestic production, like you claim, than we can look forward to a return to the merely shoddy and unpredictable performance that ACME was known for during it's glory years.
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