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  1. Free shipping if you mention that you found this on Harmony-central
  2. Free shipping if you mention you found this on Harmony-central
  3. Hey all, Im selling my G&L ASAT Classic. Made in USA and this guitar is flawless! Here is the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/G-L-ASAT-Classic-G-L-Tele-Telecaster-USA-/170921541342?pt=Guitar&hash=item27cbb7bede
  4. Hey all, Im selling my 08 LP Traditional. Tons of mods professionally installed. Here is the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-gibson-les-paul-traditional-plus-Iced-tea-/170921543462?pt=Guitar&hash=item27cbb7c726
  5. I chose my Les Paul Studio over a few Standards. It just felt and sounded better.
  6. Overrated: Slash, Clapton Underrated: Gary Richrath, Paul Kossoff
  7. Overrated : Hendrix (there I said it, good songs, but can't stand his sloppy playing) Underrated : Richie Sambora Couldnt agree more on both counts
  8. I am a huge bon jovi fan. I have all their albums, plus all of jon and richies solo albums. But I have to honestly say that their new album "The Circle" is mostly garbage.
  9. Ive owned multiple versions of them all and I would go with the Les Paul. Maybe because it covers up my mistakes better than the other two.
  10. The UK has more classic amps than guitars Marshall Hiwatt Orange Vox I agree. The UK has the amps, the US has the guitars.
  11. Ok. Thats what I thought. It just seems weird to me that the UK had all these huge guitar-based bands (beates, stones, zeppelin, who, floyd, etc.) but no real "top-dog" guitar manufacturer to compete with Fender, Gibson, and the like.
  12. Ok Ive been doing a little thinking lately. I live in the US so please excuse my ignorance. I was thinking about guitars and their country of origin. Many people cite the electric guitar's top manufactures as Gibson, Fender, PRS, Rickenbacker, etc. You get the idea. All of these are US based companies. With a large part of rock and roll history taking part in the UK, wouldn't you think that the UK would have equally popular guitar companies? Like I said, I am from the US so I don't know much about companies from the UK. So after all of this I guess my question is "what are the major UK brands of guitars?"
  13. Good luck getting that much for it. Even in mint shape they go about $700-900 max.
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