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    See, my Fender Hot Rod had an Eminence speaker in it, but I'm not sure which one it is. Just did not have the sparkle that my older Hot Rod had (which had a factory Celestion in it). Picked up a Celestion 70/80, and it sounds better to my ears. I am curious about the Webers, though... Also wondering of an actual Eminence Legend would sound better...

    They may have been legends, not sure what they used in those. I will say that my legends aren't as sparkly as I'd expected. The high end is there, but it's more in your face than a nice sparkly kind of tone.


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      This is where I get confused... I have read in several places that some Fender stock speakers are Fender-labeled Emi Legends - and Fender stock speakers are often looked down upon. At the same time, I've read accolades for the Emi Legend series.

      It just goes to the old addage that half of what you read / hear is untrue. The key is figuring out which half.

      I've heard that too, but I don't know what's true. There have been quite a few variations of speakers that carry the the legend name though and they may not be all be that similar.


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        1st vid: Eminence first , it doesn't sound unbelievable but sounds nice...like oxford speakers. Second WGS sounds woody and deep, I like it but it has a dominant character, somewhat sounds like one trick pony.
        2nd vid : P12N sounds meaty and growly second gold alnico sounds like balanced and cleaner P12N, I like dirty though.
        3rd : dont like the amps tone in general.



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          I chose Jenson Alnicos for my one 4X10" cab. gret tone from those but they werent cheap. The other 4X10" is a combination of speakers including some JBL's and a pair of Ovation speakers. Got those cheap but they sound good with the metal domes. the third 2X10" cab i have has a pair of vintage Utah speakers. They've seen better days and I've had to repair the surrounds but they just sound so good, I keep them around for a lightweight rig.


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            I have an Eminence Legend Alnico 10" in my Crate VC 2110. This is the amp I have used in all of my youtube videos. I like it just fine and I believe I only paid about $75 for it.

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              Celestion or Jensen are guitar speakers, the others should be used for something else .At least that is what the tests with the same amp confirm to me.

              No wonder Handwired amps mainly stick to the same choice in speakers...

              Jens for Tens ..Celestions for 12'' s.


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                seems to be a lot of Eminence speakers being used by amp builders, as well...
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                  Based on those four recorded examples, I'd say I like the Legends the best, but I wouldn't base a buying decision on that clip as there are too many unknowns... Age of the speakers, how well broken in the are etc...

                  Those are also pretty different speakers. Legends don't sound at all like the historic Jensens C/P series or the Weber 10A/10F series. The Warehouse 10" Veteran look like it's not very robust. I have a lot of faith in their 12" offerings, but I wouldn't buy the 10" Veteran.
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                    I dont know about the lower end Eminence speakers...but I had a 10" Red Fang in my silverface princeton, and it was one of the best speakers I have ever heard.