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  1. I'm sure this has been asked, but I've been away for a while... Is the feedback thread still around, hidden somewhere or was it killed in the upgrade? Thanks, and I hope everyone is doing well.
  2. For single coils: For humbuckers:
  3. Mini pots usually result in a much smaller sound. As said, cheap guitars with mini pots use cheap pots which are inferior to quality pots of any size. Some guitars use quality mini pots and I doubt there's any electrical difference though with full size pots, you gave an easy choice between smoother Turing pots vs those with more physical resistance.
  4. Just looked at the pictures again... is it tweed that's been painted black?
  5. Dunno but I'll give you $60 for it tomorrow. I'm no case expert but that looks pretty similar to what was offered when I got my first Fender circa 1983. I don't know how much it cost but I think it was close to $80 or $100 back then. When I got my guitar, we got them to throw in a used case for free and after lugging that around for a couple years, I got a gig bag. Still have that used case. It's the piece of musical equipment that I've owned the longest: thirty years next February.
  6. I'll take the Pro Track... sent me your paypal info or shipping address if you prefer a postal money order.
  7. They are interesting, but highly doubtful I'd ever buy one. I prefer the silver one to the red one, but the offset inlays seem... like... they were going out of there way to find a way to be different. Props for trying something different though... their brand of 'different' just doesn't work for me.
  8. The chorus is the only one I've used for more than ~30 minutes.
  9. Very awesome... Something in the same ballpark is on my agenda though at a ~$1200 price point. Love the Superman body as well!
  10. I can get behind you being a mod though from more of a time factor than changing the direction of changing enforcement of any given rules.
  11. I'm not a Journey hater by any stretch but I have to admit, Schon was who came to mind as I was clicking on the thread.
  12. I'm pretty easy going and I know a lot of members have a more narrow view of how they'd like the forum to be. I know who to ignore and who tends to write about things of interest to me. I like it here and at TGP. It feels more laid back here but the Electric Guitar forum here is going the direction of Guitar Jam and the Amp forums... that's fine with me. It's either that I'm easy to please or maybe that I just don't care. I dig folks that post clips and try to comment on most of them but this isn't really the 'post clips here' section of Harmony Central in general or the gig info or the recording sections for that matter.
  13. I bought a guitar from Doc Morbius that had a set of Hot Golds... They were OK. I'd played the guitar for a couple years before buying it though I did not buy it for the pickups. Overall, I'd say the are strattier than EMGs or Dimarzio HSs, but I'd definitely say the Fender Vintage or Hot Noiseless are more traditionally stratty as are the Dimarzio Areas. But I know a guy that would sell a set of Hot Golds for a reasonable price.
  14. Thanks guys! Thanks man. Really digging it. Did a little tube swapping today and I have to say, it sounds even sweeter. Thanks man. I thought so to the first time I played one. Really dig the swell and sag of the rectifier. Agreed! Sold the Twin II? In a perfect world, I'd have one of those, among all the other fender amps I'd like to own. The princeton is another amp I really, really like. Still got my twin, and bouncing back and forth, I can't really say which I like better. Love the twins bottom end and glassiness, but this amp sounds sooooo sweet and toneful. Played it today with my partner that I do a duet gig with and it really sang. Yup, sold my Twin II, Super Sonic 60W, Tweed Deluxe, AC15H1TV and AC15CC1 and hope to get one of the aforementioned Allen Accomplices and something quality and Voxy like a Morgan AC20 Deluxe. Going to try to ditch about 5 guitars this year as well and am looking to get a semi custom strat built up and a big jazz box. The only think better than downsizing or upgrading is downsizing AND upgrading.
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