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  1. 30 years, This speaker sounds vintage!
  2. MorganB

    crate Palomino V30H

    I have used all types of gear and my search for tone has ended with this head. If you never played a class A amp, please do...and this competes with the best of them not as versatile as some but the tone makes up for it,
  3. I have been playing for 30 years, I use Marshalls, Palomino, Star amps, Hughes and Kettner. This amp has not been stolen or lost and I already bought another. This amp sound more HIFI then out of conrol like a hot raw tube amp but....you can still get high gain sound it just sounds like it has been processed already (like on a record)..not a bad feature on a cheap amp that doubles as a foot stool!
  4. This guitar is a great cheap Les paul!
  5. I heard these were good from other pro's. In fact it is so good i am going to get one of those limited edition Ravelles. Bang for the buck is BIG at Fernandes
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