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  1. I generally only lurk here these days. It's really sad how MF/GC destroyed something that was beautiful...
  2. I believe that's a Tokai "Breezysound". The MIK ones are (to my knowledge) not distributed in America but at least used to be distributed in North America by "JSD Guitar Shack". IIRC, they went for something in the $300-400 range.
  3. I've had my tele in a case for the past month or so, because I find that if it's out on the stand, my other five electrics just don't get used much...
  4. Hmmm, you may want to check the url of your image: Sorry, the requested page does not exist. Please check the URL for correct spelling and capitalization.
  5. Look for something with Alnico 3 magnets -- I believe that is what the early 50s teles and broadcasters came with. There are a lot of those around these days. I have a set of Mojotone Clone 52s in my MIM 09 standard, and it gives me plenty of twang, but also mellows out nicely with an adjustment to the tone knob.
  6. I agree they look nice. If I hadn't bought a 2012 Les Paul "Junior Special" P90s ($500 on clearance from MF or Sweetwater) I would definitely be interested.
  7. Hey ugameus -- getting any use from that D'Armond? FYI, I put the Fane speaker in a Kustom 112 cab, and am using it for most of my playing these days!
  8. Very nice, but I have a question: Are you sure that's a CV 50's? I've never seen one with a painted headstock before!
  9. I used to post here all the time, but got run off after the various kerfuffles (post a lot to Mark Wein's forum these days). I like the new design, but agree that actually posting comments takes an insanely long time. If that gets fixed, I'll probably be spending more time here and on HCEG (never posted to open jam, maps, or any of the other insane asylums on HC....)
  10. Their S&P models are identical except that the fretboard is a more standard 1 11/16" as opposed to Seagulls' 1.72" -- so they feel different. FWIW, I've never been in the least bothered by the Seagull headstock, but I played Tacomas for quite a while, so what do I know!?
  11. I think an HH tele would give you something you don't have already. I have a Schecter PT that has the HH configuration along with coil splitters on the tone pot so I can get SC tones as well. It pairs very nicely with my MIM standard (modded w/aftermarket Mojotone pickups).
  12. Hey folks -- long time, no post! Anywho, I am going to be coming into some discretionary cash soon. The wife's mom passed in October and Mrs. bsman indicated that because I'm such a great guy, she's gonna give me $1K to "spend anyway you like". Added to this, I have about $1200 in "pin money" (i.e. money I earn refereeing HS soccer games). I noticed a bit ago that Schecter's custom shop in CA is currently turning out production models (The "USA Production Series"), and that intrigued me, because I've been really impressed with my MIK Schecter PT. There are two models in that series that r
  13. Hey Sean -- caught your facebook "Old HCEG" post and decided it's time to check this old place out again! After all -- I spent about 13 of the best years of my life wasting time on this board!
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