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What do you think are the prettiest guitars of all time?

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    I dunno, without the checkerboard binding and the R tailpiece (reverse R for a lefty?), it doesn't look anywhere near as pretty.
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        Interesting post.
        And not one picture of a PRS...

        I'll go with any early Rickenbacker 360 type (modern 330 type body) as used by Harrison and Townshend, with front and rear binding, toasters and full fretboard shark-fin markers.

        But, apparently, they aren't very strong when you batter a Marshall stack with one.


        p.s. There are also some ****************ugly guitars out there as well.
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          phew you guys love you some serious FUGGLY!

          Iz4005's was technically a BASS!


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            Interesting post.
            And not one picture of a PRS...

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              I dunno, without the checkerboard binding and the R tailpiece (reverse R for a lefty?), it doesn't look anywhere near as pretty.

              Yep. Lefty Rics with the R have it reversed/upside down.
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                How about this?

                Mostly I think mine are.



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                        mine is!

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                          i'm partial to this one.

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                                It could lose the signature but I love this guitar.

                                The distance from the highest line on your wrist to the tip of your middle finger is the exact length of what?