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  1. I have three guitars that I bought with cheapo licensed Floyds in which I replaced all with OFRs. The OFRs just dropped in with no problems. But just to be sure before you pay $170+ for an OFR, take badpenguin's advice and measure from pivot post to pivot post. AXcessories.com has a cool OFR without fine tuners that if I had to refit my Floyded guitars all over again, I would get those. They only cost $129 each, and I rarely use the fine tuners. They only come in chrome, tho. But I emailed Mitchel at AXcessories, and he said they were also a drop-in replacement for regular OFRs with fine tuners. Here they are https://www.axcessories.com/Original-Non-Fine-Tuner-tremolo-system-Chrome
  2. That’s what I use, the GHS Boomers LXLs. I didn’t think Fender was still making them. I prefer GHS to Fender, anyway. I heard that Pyramid strings makes a 10-38 set, but they’re pricier than the Boomers. The Boomers are good enough for me.
  3. I haven’t been in a music store in a long time, I get my stuff online.
  4. I think I prefer my Zoom G2Nu over my Vamp2, tho. This is my latest multi-effects setup, my Zoom G2Nu into a cheap car radio, into a Randall RG8 speaker cab
  5. Me too. But for now, if one of my guitars has bad frets, I'll just change out the neck. Thank Gawd for bolt-on necks!
  6. Sweet axes, AJ, congrats on getting them refretted!
  7. Awesome, a Vamp2 thread from ‘06 was bumped. A V-amp 2 was my first modeler, which I got in ‘03. It had/has great tones, and I still have it. One of these days I’ll break it out again. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to replace the CR2032 battery in it, tho.
  8. Another vote for the Dragonfire Duo Rail. And they definitely won’t break the bank, they cost $20 @ GuitarPartsOnline.com.
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