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  1. My SX LP is very comfortable to play while sitting down
  2. I've tried both the redactive Golds and the regular redactives in a Flying v i have, I preferred the regular redactives
  3. She was hawt in Buffalo ‘66.
  4. Shoo-Bee-Doo from Madonna’s Like A Virgin album.
  5. I’ve been playing since 1972 when I was 19 and never really did stop. My progress has been very slow going, tho.
  6. I was going to get a Memphis sunburst LP copy from a music store that had just opened 40 years ago, but I never did. It’s too bad, too, because I liked it.
  7. You need to go to the Sports Forum.
  8. I have 5 SXes and one Hadean Tele, which I replaced the neck on with a GFS XGP neck. The Hadean is the only guitar from Rondo I bought that came with medium jumbo frets, the SXes all came with jumbo frets and i didn't change out the neck on any of them. That's one of the main things I like about SXes, they all have jumbo frets. My SXes are some of my favorite guitars, and are great mod platforms.
  9. Ted Nugent needs to get Epiphone to make a budget Ted Nugent Signature Byrdland.
  10. Here's a Guild Starfire Jet I 90
  11. I’m fine, enjoying the holiday season (more or less).
  12. GFS used to sell an Xaviere that was pretty much a Byrdland copy, but it was discontinued or something.
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