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  1. The finish. Cheap guitars have poly finishes and expensive guitars have nitro finishes.
  2. All of my guitars are cheap, poly-finished guitars so I don’t think I have that problem. None of my guitars are nitro-finished.
  3. Thanks, Robin, here's a pic of my 9 guitar stand
  4. Thanks for the recommendation and the link, I got the 9 holder.
  5. I pieced together a Strat with GFS parts and dremeled a big space for a GFS vintage trem with a big brass block and kind of dremeled a bit more than I should have. The baseplate didn't quite cover what I dremeled out, lol
  6. The MC5's album Kick Out the Jams is from 1969, too, but I only very recently got into it.
  7. Yeah, I still buy CDs and vinyl, in fact I just bought a used copy of Leon Russell and Friends: Session from ReverbLP.com. I get CDs and vinyl from Amazon, eBay, or ReverbLP. Sometimes, if the CD of a record I want to get is available, I'll get the CD instead of the vinyl version, because not only will the CD have bonus cuts on it, it will be cheaper than the vinyl. I can remember when it was the other way around, ie: when vinyl was cheaper than CDs.
  8. That's a sweet Epiphone Zephyr
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