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  1. Originally Posted by Sir Cecil Figg You're close. Marcellis shaved his head & moved to an ashram south of Goa. He left me all his gear. His arch top is every bit as awesome as he used to talk about too. OK ......
  2. Originally Posted by Sir Cecil Figg Some new stuff. First time my two F65ce's have spent any time together. I have a Roland Sonic Cell (in the slide drawer). I have high hopes for that thing. It's basically a Roland Fantom synth with an audio interface and a slot for a USB audio/MP3/MIDI player. That means I can play my compositions live, without bringing the guitars I used, synths or a computer...in theory at least. It does a lot more stuff too. But I'm basically interested in the synth & the audio player. My coolest music purchase this year - by far. This thing is AMAZING! Marcellis, is that you?
  3. Originally Posted by Bellcose Blimey ... oops .... err .... I mean crikey.
  4. BBE recommends that the Stomp be used last in the pedal chain. You might want to take it out of the loop and try in there.
  5. Bigger ones of my two favorites: Only one Tele.
  6. Hawt. Nice customer service too from your insurer too.
  7. thats what it is. well the newer model. the m125 I think it is. I couldn't find a small bodied guitar I liked better than this. I tryed out the same model in Martin and it was far uglier in looks tone and feel and it was way more money. Many of the folks over at the HCAG forum, me included, think they're the best MIC guitars out there, particularly at the prices they offer. The only comparable lines are perhaps Blueridge (which I hate) and Eastman (way overpriced), but none of them include the appointments of the GAD's. Breedlove is similarly priced, but they use laminate sides in their MIK lines, and usually come with satin finishes. I like the fact that the GAD's are patterned after their USA models, particularly the classics, like the F-30. D-25 etc. Fender is doing something very right with Guild all the way around (the new USA's are, frankly, fantastic) and the GAD's rock.
  8. I don't think I ever show'd u guys me coustic. it makes mey paynis tingle. And that would be a ...........? (it looks like a Guild GAD 25 model to me, but take no offense if it's much nicer than that . Either way, it's beautiful)
  9. I'm thinking about getting a pickguard made with Gibson mini-hums for the red guitar (most likely LP Deluxe-style, but firebird pups are tempting too). I've got some overlap, but I gig regularly and they all get played. :love: Any way to wire those for the new bass contour knob? It's a pretty great innovation. I hope Joe Naylor (who owns the patent) licenses the {censored} out it, makes millions, and start building some more MIA guitars.
  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm 47, and as busy as I've ever been. Rock lobster, enjoy it while you can. I was your are like, like 15 minutes ago 47. Another young whippersnapper.
  11. wait you guys know each other? if you havent noticed, most forumites worth their salt around here get a little overcompressed when Bbreaker posts his infamous pictures. it has less to do with jealousy than he thinks and has more to do with redundant, {censored}ty pictures that have been posted a trillion times. it also seems like that is the extent of his participation here; that, and trying to explain why Devi Ever fx are 'noisy' and 'useless.' if you can persuade him to take some new exciting pictures, that would be welcomed, cuz most of us here are pretty tired of the routine massive, {censored}ty photo dump anytime a thread even hinting towards looking at forumites' guitars gets posted. I don't begrudge him his collection for one bit. He's worked pretty near 40+ years to build it, and since we're near the same age, I know what kind of hard work it takes to invest in something that spectacular. I would just like to see some nice pics. I mean, I'll go over there and do it for him (just kidding). You can get at least a good point and shoot for under $300. Probably never happen though.
  12. wow props to Larry50 for sharing his totally classy collection! Bbreaker, any chance you can take some new photos of your axes? I'd like to see them gleam in the sunlight (the best light) I've been screaming at him for months (well, not really screaming; more like suggesting) to get a decent digital camera. He's got these gorgeous guitars and we get to see Polaroid Instamatic shots that look like they were shot through a dirty window.
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