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  1. Ok..as stated in a previous post I did try out a Tanglewood the other day. Well I thought I had tried the TW15 NS but I had actually tried a TW115 AS (unless they switched them on me). You see I went back today to try it again and this time I looked inside and sure enough it's the TW115 AS with all solid wood contstruction and...I think I want this guitar bad... I tried playing a few of my favorite fingerstyle tunes on it and it sounded awesome. Beautiful tone..deep bass and well pronounced mids and nice thick high end. I don't think it had mediums on it but...I could just imagine the ton
  2. Here are some pics of my newly aquired 1970's Univox LP copy. It has cream coloured open coil pups and really ugly white control knobs. It appears to be completely stock with original crappy tuners and all. The neck is your basic bolt on type found on all Univox's. It plays very nicely and there is the usual amount of fret-wear but it seems like the original owner never played it very much as it's in great condition. I have seen Univox's with almost no frets left but this ones not bad. The neck is really comfy to play and the pups sound really nice...I wonder if those are the stock
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