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  1. Yamaha Reface Cp DX etc. I think they are cool with a lower price point...maybe $400 even. What do you think? Will the price on these come down? Does yamaha ever qualify for coupon codes at the music stores?
  2. I don't use a trem all that much, actually, but when I want it I really appreciate having it there.
  3. Guitar pickup wires buzzing second position solder drips on paint
  4. I think your best bet is to simply find out what pedal your favorite bands use.
  5. Yep, take the trem strings off and pop off the trem, then the neck. Worst way to have to do it. (I love warmoth's side adjustment btw.)
  6. A friend pickup up an Sterling Ax40d for cheep. I thought it was a sweet guitar. Nice asymmetrical neck, pickups where nice, felt really good over all. Had never even heard of the brand before. Apparently EVH had a hand in that particular model. Was looking around and saw this, https://reverb.com/item/957548-sterling-by-music-man-jp100d-mkoa-electric-guitar-john-petrucci-w-gigbag-28294 That there is a handsome lady, imo. Any love for Sterling? Thinking I'm a fan.
  7. If you have time to practice you have time to get good. Age does not matter, it's about how much time you have.
  8. Pots is pots. Unless you want to change the value, like say swapping 250k pots for 500k pots, it makes no difference. The value is what makes a pot.
  9. Buy a projector. $50 Buy a big canvas and some black and white paint $50 Trace it and paint it. Free.
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