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How many hours do you think you've spent playing in you life?


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  • How many hours do you think you've spent playing in you life?

    If you had to guess.

    A few hundred? Tens of thousands?

    Do you think you are where you would like to be musically for the amount of hours you have played or where you imagined yourself being by this time when you first started?

    I don't care what kind of playing, could be on stage, jamming with your records or cj's or just strumming watching tv or whatever.

    Just wondering.

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    You're welcome here if you're of the spirit to make a sound.


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      roughly 2 or 3 thousand I suppose.
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        After just some ballpark estimates I would say it's most likely in the 30,000 hour range. Maybe more...
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          It would be quite an exercise for me to calculate since the amount of time playing every day changed alot through the years. Between 9 and 15, I played little but some so it counts for, let's guess, 350 hours. Then at around 15, I became crazy about playing guitar, played electric in a cover band. Hard to remember how much but I played every day almost so I'll say about an hour/day for the next three four years. That's a thousand, roughly counted. Now, around 19 or 20, things become different, I switch to acoustic guitar and I have guitar playing for breakfast, lunch and supper. For many years, 15 or so, I played at least two hours a day, some days as much as five or six hours. At 38, I married, moved to Germany, had kids, etc. that made me play less but still played most days. The single thing that had me reduce my playing time is THIS FORUM. But hey, it made buy a bunch of stuff, most of them I regret buying (I'm getting out of topic...)

          That's a bit of a long story, So I'm gonna say I have played between 10,000 and 15,000 hours, a very rough guess but it sounds about right.
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            Hrmm... I played a fair bit from 6 to 10 and a whole lot from 10 to 13 when girls got to be pretty cool. Still played quite a bit from 13 to 19 then less from 19 to 22. Since then, a fair bit.

            I would guess about 8,000 hours between 6 and 13 and prob another 5,000 since then.
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              I'd guess somewhere around 5200. I guessed a half hour per day on average since I started playing seriously (as a hobbyist) in '84
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                  10 minutes a day for the last 5 years. Its all a blur.
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                    It's safe to say that my playing time doesn't come close to the time I've spent searching for good gear deals. If I spent that many hours playing, I'd have been the next Randy Rhoads.


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                      I would have to say at leas 30K but it may even be twice that

                      started before the age of three - got serious about it at 11 - started playing professionally at 17

                      been a full time guitarist for 40 years - still put in a full day at least four days a week

                      hard to do all the math
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                        I'm guessing around 6,500 hours or so. I've been playing for 25 years, probably averaging 5 hours a week or so. Maybe closer to 5,000 hours, just to be conservative.


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                          rough ballpark, 8500 hours.
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                            9,999. In one more hour I will be an expert. I better get to work. I'm expecting great things to happen when I reach 10,000.
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                              A million billion.