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  1. Maybe, the version of Misirlou you posted was a version Dick Dale re-recorded. Perhaps, the original version Dick recorded without reverb was something else...
  2. Interesting version of the song. It's cool to see another perspective. However, Deringer may have played that intro part a different way on the studio version. I think this is how it was played....
  3. I love the way Ron De Jesus makes his guitar moan throughout this tune. Bonamassa doesn't even take a solo until 11:00. The music starts at about 1:50....
  4. Do you mean pure SS, as in non-digital, or are you including digital modeling amps? There are some great and affordable digital modeling amps like the Fender Mustang series. Great for classic Fender sound and feel if adjusted properly and does a decent job at some other types of voicings as well. Great for blues, country, jazz, rockabilly, classic rock and pop. I personally like the Mustang IV 212. But, the M III 112 gets much love for it's portability and versatility.
  5. I was a fan of the first three discs. I've never even listened to 10,000 Days. I just sort of lost track of what the band was doing after Lateralus. I wish D'Amour was still with them. His style of bass playing was a unique part of their eclectic sound on those albums. Some favorite songs that comes to mind are Sober, Forty Six & 2, Lateralus, Aenema, Stinfist and Jimmy. But I used to listen to Undertow, Aenema and Lateralus all the way through. I never skipped tracks. I haven't listened to them more recently. Tool is the one band I coud never get any of my close friends inte
  6. I suspect the dramatic difference between the summer in a humid climate vs the lack of humidity caused by the heater during winter is very hard on a wood guitar. A whole house humidifier or room humidifier is probably critical in that type of humid climate in winter. I live in CO and the climate stays pretty dry both summer and winter. We use a whole house humidifier in winter. I use planet waves case humidifiers that fit between the strings in the sound holes for my acoustics. I probably should use a room humidifier for my electrics but I've given up on them. I do treat the wood yearly on ro
  7. mistersully wrote: i loathe pitch correction in any shape or form are they good singers?.... i wouldn't know If they sound good, they are good singers. Pitch correction doesn't make a voices sound better, it just corrects flawed notes.
  8. I have no idea what you have and haven't tried, so I'll throw some things out there. Good trouble shooting dictates that you must eliminate the possibility that something else is at fault. Example, it could be a bad cable. So, eliminate all other variables by testing with another guitar. One way you can test a pickup is to wire it straight to the jack. That way, you eliminate all other variables. If you've tested the guitar cable with another guitar, made sure you haven't left the amp on standbys and the pickup is wired straight to the jack, you should be getting sound. If you do ge
  9. I watched the video. That sounded tight. Well done. The band is really coming along. I have no constructive criticism this time around. I think you all nailed it. I thought the tremolo tones sounded very warm. I think your SS amp may have a little bit more bite. Perhaps, you prefer that bite and find the tube amp too polite. Regardless, both of the Vox amps I've heard sound fine. I have dual SS amps setup over at my brother's house and I do like that rig. I've always felt like SS clean is a unique vibe that I can't get from my tube amps. But, I prefer the crunchy sound of my VAC
  10. soundcreation wrote: Classic rock is more popular than shred. plain and simple. Therefore there will be MORE people who put down shred music. Honestly, I like Classic Rock way better than Shred. But, I can still recognize that Paul Gilbert has mad skills and appreciate his talent. I get that people don't like the Shred genre. But, I don't understand the inability to recognize a talented player even if you don't favor their style. I don't have to like a player's music to respect their talent but I guess it does not work that way for everybody.
  11. People around this board and elsewhere like to bash Shredders. From most of the comments I've read, many people seem to think that the only thing Shredders can do is play fast runs. Also, this leads to the characterization of ANY player who plays fast as a Shredder, yet the term refers to Neo Classical Shred. For example, Al Di Meola can play really fast runs but he's not a Neo Classical Player, nor Shredder. He's also a master of multiple techniques, not just speed. IMO he plays with lots of intensity and feeling. His excellent mastery of techniques does not work against his ability t
  12. vikingrat wrote: If i already didn't have a garage of Dumble amps I would get it. Thanks for reminding me how poor I am compared to you...sonofabitch!
  13. Dr. Scottie C wrote: Man... hadn't been here and awhile, wasn't even sure I was at the right place...still not 100% At first glance.....HATE IT. Does this feeling go away? please tell me it does. Mostly, what does 'go away' are the users. I don't mind the new forum look, feel or function all that much. It's a bit more cumbersome this way but I've adapted. Mobile devices have some serious limitations. What I mind the most is that the bad User eXperience has chased away most of the membership. It's as if they learned NOTHING from the HC 2.0 UX debacle. The fact that they've tur
  14. diceman1000 wrote: Pooh, and I really don't think anything is keeping android down, IIRC, the GS2 and the GS3 were the to two devices of 2012... I made that statement in the context of this thread. The subject is the OP (Steve) switching back to iPhone because of the musician apps. In that specific context (musician apps), Android is being kept down. In that specific context, iOS is superior (upper) and Android is inferior (lower). The GS3 and GS2 are fantastic pieces of hardware. But, in the context of this thread subject, they are inferior devices to iOS. It's not a personal thin
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