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  1. Originally Posted by wader2k A guitar tech built up a slot for one of my guitars with a mixture of super glue and nut filings(the dust from filing down another nut). Worked great now for several years so I can testify to it's effectiveness. That's exactly what I've used. It has held up for years on an acoustic guitar. If I were to do it again, I might use CA glue and an accelerator just because it gives you a bit more control. CA glue dries slow until you spray on the accelerator, then it hardens fast.
  2. I'm shocked that the same people who are closed minded about guitar designs are also closed minded about a movie they've never seen. [/sarcasm] [video=youtube;vYEXzx-TINc]
  3. Well, Dave, the OP was too short of a review. But, I'm glad to read some positive feedback regarding this movie. Since, I don't know what to expect, I'll keep an open mind until I do see it.
  4. Just saw Rock of Ages. WOW. Why? Were you drunk? Did you lose a bet? Was it refer madness? Do you have masochistic tendencies? Explain your lapse of judgement.
  5. The tone of this rhythm part is my favorite of all time. I like it. Posting more good clips might be just what this thread needs....
  6. Why did you quit beating your wife? I've never beaten my wife. Why do you molest collies?
  7. I think he just didn't give it much thought. He's the guy who referred to humbuckers as "humperdinkers", after all. By the way, I ran across this photo of John the other day...didn't know he had a Guild Starfire! http://www.howtobearetronaut.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/john-lennon.jpg I suspect this is the correct. answer.
  8. John's tone was raw, but that was his approach. I see a parallel between he and Keith Richards in that respect. He always said he loved to "make it howl and move". I don't mean to choose sides here. I love both bands. But, Keith's tone is a sound I can get behind most of the time. With John, I like to hear him play acoustic more than electric. The exception with electric is the 'Let It Be' rooftop concert tones.
  9. Wait... I thought that was how trolling worked? Is that what it says in The Troll Reference Manual?
  10. Then recognize that it's something you learned to do from overlistening, and recognize that your opinion isn't all that matters. I used to overanalyze things like this all the time, then i started to recognize that you can learn more by listening to others with differing opinions. If I thought my opinion was the only thing that mattered, I wouldn't have posted the topic in this forum.
  11. John Lennon's guitar tones, especially from Revolver on ( Casino+P-90s) are some of my favorite guitar tones. His rhythm comping in 'She Said, She Said' and 'Sgt. Pepper' are particularly cool. Different strokes for different folks. I love his voice, songs and playing...just not his tone most of the time. I never even noticed until I became a guitar nerd though. I picked up a guitar for the first time during my last couple of college years. Many years later, I can nit pick tone to the n'th degree. It's quite an annoyance.
  12. Amp? Guitar? Pickups? Maybe all it took for John to get a great sound was heroin because a smack addicted John achieved the greatest guitar tone in rock history during the "Let It Be" rooftop concert. John's Casino's P-90s into a Fender Twin create a growl and rumble that is glorious. What he plays under George in "Don't Let Me Down" is some sound. I've been trying to nail that tone my whole life. I don't do heroin so maybe that's why I can't get it. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_228EvtU1ZYY/TM32ZIaHsxI/AAAAAAAABng/ckkJzK9hOxA/s1600/John%2BLennon.jpg I agree. I love that tone. And, it makes everything else he's done pale in comparison. Also, it makes me wonder why he didn't sound that great more often.
  13. Perhaps, this is a lesson....Song writing trumps tone. Like I care. Your continued indifference is duly noted.
  14. All these posts and no mention of Yoko's tones? I don't know if I'm proud or ashamed of you guys. Wait, I'll go with indifferent. Apathy helped bring down the Roman Empire.
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