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  1. Thinline baby is halfway through 6th grade. The guitar, well, she's just fine, too. What a tremendous experience!
  2. My, how time flies. The Thinline is 11 this year, still holding it down. Just got a neck pickup upgrade to a Klein Telecaster Firebird. Unreal guitar, and so grateful for the efforts of all my friends.
  3. seriously, why must the Blacktop be so hawt? <3
  4. Same. Bunch of stuff that's really not all that interesting. Maybe a Greco some day...
  5. 1980. The problem is not rarity or cost, but whether there's anything that year that would earn any playing time over what I own. Probably not. I do have a pretty sweet '72 S Yairi classical, though. Within 8 years good enough for you elderly gentlemen?
  6. I'd also have to go acoustic, but my favorite guitar by a mile remains my Thinline.
  7. Let's toss the Heritage Prospect on the pile too. What say you to that guy?
  8. Very cool! ...but I'd probably just take my 'ol faithful Taylor GS8. It has a couple nicks on it already, so I'm not to afraid of the yooths
  9. Unreal mojo on that thing. Congrats!
  10. Very cool man. Congrats! Nothing like new guitar smell and the inspiration that follows!
  11. If I end up with a Peerless Epi, It'll be a Riviera. Stock mini hums.
  12. This would be totally on my if there were a way to replace the '90s. Unfortunately, it's a lot of trouble for something I can find stock (ish) elsewhere. This is definitely the right direction, though!
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