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  1. Great article Craig. Thanks!
  2. I tried to search X32 on this forum with no results(?!?) I got an X32 compact for my home studio and would appreciate some feedbacks and tips from those who use one for this purpose. Any users? Tell me what you think. Thanks!
  3. I just want to send an invitation to those who have decided to leave for whatever valid reasons they had. Just pointing out that things change and evolve. Or new understanding is granted. Whatever. It transpires that this place is only as good as the folks who populate it. So we need you guys. Only the cynicals will make fun of your returning if you decide to come back and help bring this place back where you want it. (and the cynicals don't count). Welcome back in advance.
  4. I want to move to 10's on my Pacifica (strat if you will) but I'd like to still have easy bends and soft feel to it. Are there brands that, in most opinions, feel softer? I'm asking because I read here something as to a certain brand feeling stiffer than others for a given gauge.
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