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  1. I tried to search X32 on this forum with no results(?!?) I got an X32 compact for my home studio and would appreciate some feedbacks and tips from those who use one for this purpose. Any users? Tell me what you think. Thanks!
  2. I decided to order its brother the art pro vla 2 compressor. Those two will work together nicely i think. As promised, I'll send some clips and comments as soon as I have got to know them. I'll swap the tubes after I decide to keep them.
  3. Thank you Dendy. Much appreciated.
  4. I guess this is an old topic and no one bothers replying to it. I reckon I should first had done... a search!
  5. I'm building a thinline tele Body right now and it will have three Pick-ups, a Lollar Charlie Christian in the neck and Bryan's BG A3 in middle and bridge.
  6. Thank you Phil. Yes I read somewhere (been surfing like crazy these past few days) that it doesn't get very hot like a power amp would. In the meantime, I have the idea of putting my Korg DTR-1 tuner above it, it is just a few inches deep and thus provides that space. And if it gets damaged (it won't), it's just that tuner...
  7. Thanks Phil, It'll be here tomorrow.. While I think of it.... Are the tubes in the preamp getting hot and generating much heat? I ask because I want to put it right under my Helix in the rack and I'm a little concerned about damaging the device above it. (I know, noob question...)
  8. Thanks. yes, I think it's awesome for the money.
  9. Just ordered this preamp. Pretty excited about it. I'm on a budget so, please, don't tell me I should have bought this or that preamp instead. My question is for those with experience with this preamp. Are the stock tubes decent enough for good results or should I swap them asap? Also I'd love to hear from owners/users what thoughts you have, tips, etc. Thanks all!
  10. I don't want to start a thread with every question I have...
  11. I wish I could reach JJ just to say hi. Fantastic dude.
  12. Hi minitruth. I hardly come here anymore but logged in just now out of boredom and there you are. Hope you're good.
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