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  2. Good deal. I got a Guild om140 and love it
  3. i got a 2018 Fender Deluxe strat with noiseless pups that sound nothing like a Fender.I got it to play surf music mainly plus a little blues. Any replacement pups opinions? Plus anybody else dislike the noiseless?
  4. Still kicking just not as high
  5. OK after 10 years with guitar here's what I know. Talent IS real.no doubt. Guitar is fun. Price is no indicator of sound, price is an indicator of build quality.People hear what they expect to hear Electric guitars are a ton of fun. Acoustics DO sound better with age.Do not trade in a guitar at a guitar shop, sell it yourself. Acoustic guitars and front porches go together like pb&j. I love guitars,
  6. Martins are.......overpriced...............bass heavy,,,,very average guitars that would not sparkle if you vajazzled them
  7. I spend equal time on acoustic and electric gits. Help or hurt my guitar path?
  8. Y'all have a hippy new year....you know, spread love, put flowers in yer hair and dance around a bit
  9. Lemme break it down without gettin' too scientific,, SOUND is the wave thingy that enters the soundholes on the side of yer head, goes into yer thinkin' cabbage and makes you FEEL...... sad or happy or sappy or makes you wanna get the FUNK UP AND DANCE!
  10. Mighty fine! Sounds like the 30s,looks like both player and git been around a while.
  11. ....when talkin' about guitars. Don't matter if it's ugly as homemade sin or purty as a just opened jar of Jif, don't matter if it's purple, plaid or paisley, don't matter if the action is so high you have to stand on a stool to play it or so low you call it the Beehive. Am I right young'uns?
  12. The cat can play.,.dig him or not.
  13. I lost the vision in one eye and the other is scarred and fading making it hard for me to type, Just wanting you guys to know I'm still about, monitoring and loving this place...... MY forum.
  14. Q: What is the difference between a guitar and a tuna fish? A: You can tune a guitar but you can't tuna fish.
  15. [video=youtube;PMGycjTVQ2o]
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