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What's your favorite looping pedal?


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  • What's your favorite looping pedal?

    What is it? Any particular reason why you like the one you do?

    I want to buy one at some point, but not really sure what I need/want in one.

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    JamMan Stereo (JML2), love it

    - Footswitches to go through recorded loops.
    - Stereo (2 Channels).
    - Ability to store loops to a SD memory card.


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        LFLJ - very small footprint and the eq/filtering is nice. It doesn't do much, but I like the limitation. There's nothing quite like the vibrato on it either (although I rarely use it).
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          I just use a DD-20. Very basic. Nothing too fancy.
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            I've always been interested in the gigadelay. Might have to check it out.

            Has that even been built yet?oke:


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              Akai Headrush 2. Crazy simple to use, sounds great, and includes two highly underrated delay modes.


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                Akai Headrush 2. Crazy simple to use, sounds great, and includes two highly underrated delay modes.

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                  Has that even been built yet?oke:

                  also, Headrush for the most easy to use, simple, looping. EHX 2880 for the multitrack looping with level controls, reverse, pitch changing, stereo panning etc. although the 2880 can only save the one loop, which is a shame.
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                    EHX 16 Sec. Digital Delay. Dead simple to use.
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                      Some people dislike that you have to hold down while looping, but I have NEVER had any timing problems with this like I do with the click in - click out loopers.


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                        Boss RC20XL is a standard and an institution in my book. But would love to work with a Boomerang 3 ofc.


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                          Akai Headrush 2. Crazy simple to use, sounds great, and includes two highly underrated delay modes.

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                            2 ZVEX LFLJ - because I think they have a unique sound.
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                              if i had the money i'd spring for a Boomerang III for sure.

                              m9 looper is great, but clearly not an option if you don't need the rest of the effects though

                              currently i've got an RC-20xl too and it does everything I need
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