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  1. I dunno, garageband has a limit on how long a recording can be, correct? I personally love harmonicdog's multitrack. Never had a problem with it, and pwnified does a great job working with users.
  2. thanks spark. I guess I'll stop looking into them. If you do find yourself at that shop, please let me know- because They have a very interesting copy that I want. http://www.musicexpresscanada.com/product_info.php?products_id=385
  3. Having a hard time tracking down reviews. http://www.musicexpresscanada.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=3 Does anyone know anything about these? I can only guess they are cheap knockoffs from china, but how do they stand up against Xeviere and Agile? There's a double neck in the town next to mine that I might want to trade for.
  4. Boss DD20 with FS5U - 150 + shipping. EXTREMELY beat up Akai e2 headrush - will entertain best offers.
  5. Sorry. I had already responded with my suggestion- and I hadn't realized it. So I responded nearly exactly the same way- and asking questions that were already answered. I'm pretty sure we can't delete our posts still, so I just snipped my reply.
  6. I play silently. Get a cheap mixer and an amp modeler. Seriously it is heaven. You can buy them on the heap, like the Behringer or joyo clones. Or you can spend a bit more and get the really nice tech 21 sims. You go - guitar to your board to the sim. Sim into the mixer. Boom. A nice little set up, and offers modularity of adding more stuff.
  7. Sounds like this might be a timing issues on your part... Benefit of the doubt- play to a click and see if that helps.
  8. If this thing is less than 200 dollars- I think the headrush just got its ass handed to it. It'll depend on whether or not it as intuative to use as it seems. That's where the headrush really shines. This is pretty much exactly what we needed on the market... I REALLY hope it is less than 200, I'm gonna pick one up.
  9. Yeah, maybe this is too self-centered. I wish we could delete posts, I regret posting this already.
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