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  1. I used to really like incubus as a teenager. I think playing "Pardon Me" about a billion times stuck the skill in my brain. My main jazzmaster has absolutely garbage pots though so it doesn't sound so good with that though.
  2. Originally Posted by Anderton Here's an example of a Voicing II tone that I tweaked. The first half is the example by itself, while in the second, I added some "virtual room mics" to give it some stereo imaging, and sound more like the amp does when you're playing it in a room. This doesn't have as much crunch as is possible with Voicing IV, but it still has some pretty serious fat distortion going on. See what you think...if you'd like to hear some variations ("more distortion," "what does it sound like if you clean it up" or whatever), let me know. Interesting, what are you doing there? Also, how do you change the topology separate from the voicings? The manual doesn't seem to mention it, or can you only do that with a POD? BTW If you listen to vapor trails in the link in my sig the guitars there are all dimed plexi model, thats basically the sound I'm looking for in a small package.
  3. Intersting, I didn't know you could disconnect the topologies from their preferred pre's.
  4. Yeah I use the POD HD already, the "plexi" and "park 75" models are practically the same thing, albeit with a slightly different top end. I've heard on other forums that the POD HD park preamp and the DT25s are identical (although I dont know whether its the "normal" or "bright" one modeled.) That's cool, I like those models, the issue is that what makes them sound GREAT is the fact that the HD is modelling them as if they had a poweramp blasting at full bore, whereas if you switch to just the pre's its comparatively wimpy. I guess what I'm asking then is whether you can get "full bore" from the dt 25s power section at relatively low volumes using the pentode/triode/ and class a/ab switches. I dont like Mesa style gain.
  5. I love the plexi sounds in the POD HD, its like my favourite amp in there for high gain, which is partly because its simulating the sound of a plexi at full bore, which is pretty much suicidal in real life. I played a DT25 today and I really liked it, but the british crunch setting didnt seem to have quite the extremes of high gain, I suppose because as its a real amp you need to literally crank it to get those sounds. Nonetheless, I didnt get much change to mess with the pentode/triode and class a/ab switches, with some tweaking can you get fat, high gain marshall sounds from the dt25 alone?
  6. Has anyone got a tap tempo footswitch? I've got a big ugly flappy one and I want a one that actually affixes to my pedalboard.
  7. For post hardcore I can imagine it being the most stupid awesome rig ever.
  8. I dont think "catchyness" in itself is a particularly great goal to be honest. I think a lot of how memorable something is just to do with how familiar it is. Rebecca Black-Friday is a goddamn terrible song but after hearing it about a thousand times that month it came out it was definately stuck in my head for sure. Similarly i've heard a lot of songs that are "catchy" but arent neccisarilly interesting, 12 bar blues for one. You know pretty much how a 12 bar blues style melody "should" sound so when it fulfills those expecations it sounds "right", but that doesent mean that all 12 bar blues songs are great or even good. What you're really looking for I think is pathos, not neccisarilly a "timeless melody"-some particular mathematical combination of notes that is pleasing at all times as if such a thing were possible, but the right melody for the context that expresses the feeling the song wants to express.
  9. Hash brownies get you stupid high. Unpleasantly so for me.
  10. Looking for straplocks, if anyone PM's me I'll have a root around and see what I've got to trade.
  11. Two things (if the OP even still cares about suggestions anymore) Global noise gate needs to work for effects in the loop as well as the input (I have a noisy amp in the loop) Need an effect that does nothing except send midi notes when you press it, for amp switching and stuff without a seperate pedal. Ok thats all PEACE
  12. Can anyone here help me with this (m13) Does the noise gate on the m13 come before or after the effects loop? The global system one, I know the patch one can be placed anywhere in the chain. I ask because I currently use an ISP Decimator, which is ok, but for a noisy guitar into a high gain amp what I really want is noise reduction at two points, at the guitar to kill guitar hum added by the guitar, and at the effects loop to kill hum added by the amp. The ISP can only be placed at one point, meaning as soon as you switch down to clean its too harsh and cutting off the end of your notes.
  13. Boss DS1 is surprisingly good on bass
  14. Decimator gating the pickups will do a better job than most anything, but the Decimator G-String kills noise with prejudice while leaving your signal fully intact. It's kind of a miracle. Basically keys the noise reduction algorithm to the guitar's input, so you can set it to kill the noise your high gain stuff makes, but playing clean get full sustain. Question, can it be left in the loop and just function as a normal Decimator pedal without the using the extra input?
  15. The exact reason I dont read the reviews anymore is because I know what a moron I was back when I wrote reviews.
  16. But its not funny if I dont know what theyre laughing at
  17. It honestly seems kind of arbitrary to ask for songs which are "largely supported (bought) by the general public, sold probably over 100,000 units (reached at least Gold status) or more, and accepted to be as good as songs recorded with real amps and other analog equipment." to evaluate modelling gear, you think 99% of the general public can tell the difference between a modelled and non medelled amp? And anyway most popular songs live or die by what the rest of the band is doing, not how "real" the guitar sounds. I tend to prefer real gear to modelled but I admit thats more of a subjective "feel" thing than becasue it couldnt work on record.
  18. Nah thats really the opposite of what I'm looking for. I want less buttons and presets, not more.
  19. I'm getting rid of my boss DD20, and I'm looking for another delay pedal to replace+exchange it with. My main complaint about the DD20 is that it just does too much stuff I dont use. Plus I dont like the button configuration, if you have any of the following DD7 RE20 DL4 Other tap tempo delay in a similar pricerange Hit me up and we'll sort something out. I also have an ibanez DE7 I may be persuaded to part with.
  20. so far. Its a trick with electromagnetism inspired by the properties of black holes. Inadvertantly creating the mass of a large star on earth isnt something we're likely to do "accidentally".
  21. It sounds like one of those versions thats designed to annoy you into getting the full version. If it has the JCM800 model though I'd pick it up as thats all I ever use.
  22. I'm only familiar with the old XT live so I might be wrong but: No looping. For plugging into a pc it should be fine, you can also use it as an audio interface in its own right. However if you want amp modelling on computer there are VSTs for that which sound better so I wouldnt bother (guitar rig, amplitube, logic 9's new amp sim ect) If you just want effects and to use your own amps modelling the Line 6 M13 would be a better bet, it has an effects loop for your amp and looping.
  23. Roland Sampler up on ebay if anyone wants a look http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/roland-sp404-sampler_W0QQitemZ220315213989QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Musical_Instruments_Pro_Audio_Samplers_Accessories_CV?hash=item220315213989&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1301|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318
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