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  1. more like Jizzly Bear. **** love them.
  2. alien wrote: Wait! Is chris michaels related to Sean Michaels from love pedal!! ??? How is aubrey??? no. its Chris Michael, not Michaels. and thats not even my last name.
  3. 9520575 wrote: Escape velocity? What am in a 1990's keanu reeves sci fi movie? oh ****, you might be.
  4. V wrote: It should be a sticker on the delay chip inside. Anyway I am going with double booster since they are names of booster rockets. Escape velocity is also a space travel reference so I am guessing that will be a single booster the enclosure with the booster stage names is the Gemini. that comes out after the Escape Velocity. The Escape Velocity is a totally different pedal.
  5. 1. Alpha Drive 2. **** 3. you 4. commie 5. ****
  6. echoecho wrote: We will do an echo, and it will be called the echo-deluxe. My likeness will most likely not be on it. If you guys make some guesses about what it is, I'll give you snippets. I can't tell you 100% what it is right now, but I can tell you some stuff. Same for the Gemini. I can entertain guesses but I can't outright say what it is. The Escape Velocity comes out first, then the Gemini. i meant to post as echod. **** forum.
  7. we both have jobs and lives and hate looking at this crappy website IT HURTS MY AYES
  8. im looking to grab one in the near future.
  9. he stopped by to give us a look at the stock Boss SD-1
  10. TomVanDeven wrote: Needs moar band. i know. this ep is just gonna be me with acoustic and vocals. workin on an album thats gonna be full band as well.
  11. Phil O'Keefe wrote: Missed opportunity to plug them all in at the same time... you really think we didnt?1 dude, we did. i think it was the first or second run, but we plugged in at least 6 together at once and played through them. lets just say that it was loud and fuzzy haha
  12. i fixed the original link. thanks for listening.
  13. listen to it/read about it here. http://www.moonvoice.bandcamp.com thanks guys.
  15. yeah back then, you could buy/sell something with minimal {censored}ery from ebay. now, if i sell something, i gotta give the **** BUYER feedback before i even see the money. and if that bitch decides not to leave me feedback for like a month, its cool! cuz ebay is doing everything they can to toss the salad of every buyer on there because they know everyone is leaving ebay in droves because of their bull{censored} fee schedule and the amount of scamming that happens. sellers get {censored}ed out of their products and money, and buyers are running around yelling "WEEEEE!! WE HAVE NO RESTRICTIONS! **** FREE FOR ALL!!!!" **** ebay. **** fart ****.
  16. i have an epiphone dot in natural finish. perfect condition, not a scratch on it. comes with an archtop case. i set it up completely a couple weeks ago. neck is straight and it plays like butter or some similar viscous thing. the case has a weird "lip" or something on the inside of the very top, so the very top of the headstock hits it on the way in and out. but if youre not the hulk or some other type of crazed person ripping things in and out of cases, it isnt an issue. i love this guitar and the pickups sound surprisingly amazing, but i really want a jazzmaster and i cant keep this as well or my gf will insert one of the guitars into my anus forcibly. so, if you have a squire j mascis jazzmaster or a squire vm jazzmaster in white (maybe sonic blue) i wanna trade you. we each pay shipping for our respective guitars. i would prefer if your jazzy had a case. at the very least a very good gig bag. uh, yeah.
  17. its a very good pedal. it also dove a low gain sound surprisingly well.
  18. I get banned for posting "John Meh-er" in the john mayer pedal board the lead.
  19. Hah great! Hopefully in the future we will have more of an opportunity to sit down and do some cool graphics.
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