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  1. Still loving mine. Playing a gig with the pathfinder and blues Jr in stereo January 4th. I'll let yall know how it turns out.
  2. Oh mid-2000's mediocrity, it just comes screaming back. How can someone with a Neil Hamburger avatar be so lame?
  3. yeah, but im echodeluxe. im, kind of a big deal.
  5. Originally Posted by Prehistoricpain Shut up you weiner. come on, im being serious
  6. Originally Posted by enroper Two questions, as I'm still considering one of these as a coffee house / recording / practice amp : a. does anybody have any examples of a 15r well recorded and in a mix? Preferably something indie-ish / modern rock sounding.. Crappy youtube on camera mic clips just aint convincing me b. Anybody tried a weber blue dog in one of these to try to get a more 'english' sound? i know its overkill, but the worst case is the amp dies some day and you have a well broken in speaker you can still use in another project, not a complete waste of money... i dont have a recording, but my band played a gig a couple weeks ago at a rather large cafe and i just used the pathfinder and it was awesome. guitar cut through great in the mix (even with the treble backed down a bit) and i didnt even crank it. it was set master volume all the way up and the gain at like 10 o'clock. not even breaking a sweat. and it sounded great with overdrive.
  7. GOD DAMMIT I MISSED THE AVATAR. someone explain.
  8. lol solder. yeah its a great mod. {censored} sounds great.
  9. yeah the stock 8" is surprisingly good. however, sticking a 10" in there is easy (thats what she said) and could be done quickly (she also said that). so, i might look for a cheap second hand 10" to try out to see how good it is (do i need to reiterate what things she has said)
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