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  1. I spent like an hour and a half with one today at best buy into a blues Jr and now I really really want one. Ughhhhhhh Gimmie casino porn.
  2. sup? http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/msg/1887341387.html he wants $400 for it, but seems like hed take a lower offer. 20 watts, tube, weber 12f125, reverb and trem. seems like a good deal, but have never heard of these amp. thoughts? *photo not of actual amp in ad, that pic is small*
  3. i have heard really good things about these. there is one for sale near me (cheap ish, around $400) and im interested. i have some money coming for gear. ive already got the hot rod deluxe on the way, but i wanted a setup with a head/2x10 cab combo with a smaller combo in stereo. i was hoping for a silvertone 1484, but they have been hard to find. i heard the traynor's have lots of headroom and sound great when pushed. anyone here use one? what are they like? good for the price?
  4. i played this today through a whole bunch of fender amps. holy smokes. $599 price tag. it plays amazing, and it sounds fantastic. not too light, as i dont like super light guitars which is usually why i shy away from full hollow guitars. very comfortable body. the pickups arent too hot, they are a moderate output with plenty of spank. i want one SO damn bad. my next guitar. this is for certain.
  5. since tt is nearing the one year anniversary of owning my epi sheraton II, i figured i would write a full review. i found this one on craigslist for a good price (somewhere around $400) and decided to jump on it. i had wanted one for years but never had the opportunity to own one. i had to sell my beloved marshall 1965b 4x10 cab to afford it, but it was worth the sacrifice. at first, i loved it. i thought it sounded great, looked amazing, and felt perfect. i was going to write a review when i got it, but decided i would give it some time for the honeymoon phase to be over.
  6. epiphone hollowbodies (and semihollows) rule. bottom line. show your love: dots sheratons reagents zephyr blues alleykat broadway casino joe pass and whatever else i forgot! show em!!! heres my beautiful epi sheraton II i need better pics of it...
  7. Maybe you guys can help me out... Im repairing a vintage JC120 that appears to be of the first issue. ive seen dosens of schematicds online for jc120s but they are all different circuits, im guessing more recent ones. im guessing (because there is no solid way to date the thing, no ics or passive components, even the pots, have dates! argh!!!) its a 75-78 version. if ANYONE knows where i can get a schematic for it, i would be so very appreciative. musicparts.com doesnt have roland schematics anymore, schematicheaven.com is suspended for some reason.... anyway, please help. im
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