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  1. TomVanDeven wrote: Looks fantastic. Nice work! thank you, sweet prince.
  2. damn Phil, on the ball. well, its a classic circuit with some pretty drastic enhancements. quick bullet list: 10uF coupling caps for bass response down to 12Hz (great for bass) top mounted jacks 9-18V operation for lots of headroom super low noise transistors socketed JRC4558 for easy IC swaps "O2" control allows you to choose where on the waveform the pedal clips "Trajectory" switch selects between curved trajectory for classic overdrive or "flat" trajectory for a completely flat frequency response tons of output for using as a clean boost or to push the front of your amp true bypass, of course engraved and powder coated enclosure, done in house! basically, the really cool thing about this overdrive is that people who like the TS style circuit will really love it, as this one has the right enhancements to really make it sound the best it cane be. way better bass response, ultra low noise transistors, up to 18 volts for lots of headroom. and for people who really dont like TS style pedals, the "Trajectory" switch allows you to get a completely flat frequency response, completely uncharacteristic of a TS style pedal. it lets you get overdrive sounds not possible with other TS style pedals, and no other has done what we did in that respect. the "Trajectory" switch couple with the "O2" knob make this thing crazy versatile. the "O2" knob is basically a threshold control for the clipping circuit. it allows you to choose at what point does the pedal clip. people have been swapping diodes and leds for ever in an attempt to really change the sound of their tubescreamer or sd-1. and it works, but its kind of a pain in the ass and its not an "on the fly" kind of thing. what the "O2" knob does is basically allow you to simulate all different kinds of clipping options with a pot, so you can get germanium, led, silicon, or any other sound thats been done, plus anything in between! we had a long drawn out discussion on whether or not to socket the JRC4558. on one hand, it allowed pedal nerds to swap out whatever IC they wanted. on the other, we were worried about reliability. in the end, we found a socket that is really high quality, and we are confident in the ruggedness of the build. so all you crazy experimenters, go grab your stash of Burr Brown and vintage JRC IC's and swap away! top mounted jacks are obviously a plus. true bypass is a no brainer i guess. in order to be able to build pedals on demand and not have to worry about waiting on fabricators to actually deliver when they say they will, we decided to engrave our own enclosures in house, as well as powder coat them. we think they turned out sexy, but we're biased. what it does do is allow for short build times and more pedals on the shelf and ready to ship, and less time between builds. also, look at those knobs! oh baby. if you guys have any other questions, you can email me at christopher@wattson-fx.com or just post here. and before anyone posts the inevitable "CLIPS!", we are currently editing the video and it will be live hopefully on Monday. it will be on the front page of the website and I will be posting links various places including here, so keep an eye out. Thanks Phil!
  3. honestly, the dunlop version (this one: http://www.gpanagopoulos.com/eshop/images/detailed_images/image_2777.jpg) sounds pretty damn spot on. i would know, Wattson owns an original! they dont make em anymore, but i see em for sale used all the time. check out Wattson's new video, it is featured at one point. really gets that Bridge of Sighs vibe.
  4. more like Jizzly Bear. **** love them.
  5. alien wrote: Wait! Is chris michaels related to Sean Michaels from love pedal!! ??? How is aubrey??? no. its Chris Michael, not Michaels. and thats not even my last name.
  6. 9520575 wrote: Escape velocity? What am in a 1990's keanu reeves sci fi movie? oh ****, you might be.
  7. V wrote: It should be a sticker on the delay chip inside. Anyway I am going with double booster since they are names of booster rockets. Escape velocity is also a space travel reference so I am guessing that will be a single booster the enclosure with the booster stage names is the Gemini. that comes out after the Escape Velocity. The Escape Velocity is a totally different pedal.
  8. 1. Alpha Drive 2. **** 3. you 4. commie 5. ****
  9. echoecho wrote: We will do an echo, and it will be called the echo-deluxe. My likeness will most likely not be on it. If you guys make some guesses about what it is, I'll give you snippets. I can't tell you 100% what it is right now, but I can tell you some stuff. Same for the Gemini. I can entertain guesses but I can't outright say what it is. The Escape Velocity comes out first, then the Gemini. i meant to post as echod. **** forum.
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