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  1. An incredibly cheap and incredibly good sounding phaser - OTA 4-stage phasing at it's most delicious! retains high end and transparency where the Small Stone swallows and dulls your entire signal. no volume drop here. and the regeneration control is a lot more useable than resonance knobs i've experienced on other pedals. i still prefer it at zero though. doesn't go stupid-fast but who needs those sounds anyway?! (skip to 3:50 for El Cap) (skip to 6min for looping) [video=youtube;wLkoGq-ErQ4] i sold one in the great pedal cull of 2010 and have been hunting one down ev
  2. how {censored}ed up would that sound be! with feedback resonating through the body and vibrating the spring too! and you could punch your guitar for reverb booms. just occurred to me that it could be great, accessible, and the guitar is big enough in dimensions to take a long spring inside a cavity..
  3. I think i might be about to order a 'big-box' USA small stone based on the fact that the top-mounted jacks will be neater and easier to position amongst other pedals i have a russian and a nano already.. i'd quite like to be able compare them all side by side too, because it's been a while since i had the non-nano USA version. maybe i'll record a video of my tweaking.. anyway, as far as all the various small stones, which do you prefer? here's my basic rundown.. all based on shallow mode and rate pretty slow.. 1/4 or thereabouts. USA: - Had a volme drop issue (this was about
  4. just bought a pack for the first time in 15 years of playing.. thought it was about time i tried some out! i'm interested in tuning up to F or maybe into drop E flat. anyone try them? any issues with them sounding weak or anything?
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