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  1. This tumbler is awesome...
  2. http://digitech.com/en-US/products/smart-cable-for-ios If you have a newer iPad or iPhone you'll also need one of these: http://store.apple.com/us/product/MD...30-pin-adapter Only the official Apple adapter seems to work, the others don't.
  3. New lines don't work on the iPad and probably other IOS devices as well
  4. Harmony Central never threw any posts away or archived anything, the database kept growing and growing and vBulletin was not up to the task. Simply archiving old threads (so they are still showing up in a Google search) would have solved a lot of problems, this is how TGP does it. A lot of traffic comes from google, searching for keywords when they did the Jive conversion none of the links in google worked and that caused the biggest drop. Any forum needs a good mix of new vs existing members, etc... Competition, there are a lot of new ways to get information these days. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other competing forums, magazines, etc... and people are going to go where they can find that information.
  5. Ah, makes sense. The reason I referenced pro guitar shop is that they do carry mojo hand fx. But mojo hand fx has a bunch of international dealers as well.
  6. The Fuzz Face is a super simple circuit from what I understand. A lot of the tone has to do with the transistors used in them. There's 2 groups there, the more raunchy Silicon transistors and the smoother Germanium transistors. The Germanium transistor is very old school, if you were to buy them you need a voltage meter, etc... to check for variances, etc... some of these fetch a pretty hefty price tag. If you look at the AnalogMan Sunface you will see many varieties of them with different transistors in them ( white dot 275 nkt, red dot, etc.... ). As you kmow Dunlop has come out with the pedalboard friendly mini fuzz face series that feature 2 silicon versions (blue and Hendrix) and 1 germanium (red). I ordered the Hendrix version last week and I also have a Skreddy BC109 that I will be AB'ing it with. As far as the Fulltone 69 goes, there's 3 versions, the original, the slight repeat and the MKII. The original and SR are harder to get and more expensive. As Phil mentioned some builders have decided to add features to it to make it more tweakable, I'm sure the Crosstown is great. I used coupon code PEDAL15 last week on the Dunlop at proguitarshop.com and it worked.
  7. The one left could be a mini bone, although I tought Paul Trombetta used a none shiny goop.
  8. That's a regular lunar module with the two trim pots on the side. Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe on the other side. I'm guessing the one with the breadboard is a Timmy.
  9. Playing devils advocate here... Why would you reduce quality because most people use crappy headsets or listen to it in a car? Wouldn't you want to cater to people who sit down and just listen as well?
  10. If you think about it. It could lead the other music vendors to upgrade their audio formats. I can buy my new albums here and always downsample for my MP3 player but you can never sample up.
  11. Neil Young is pushing a new digital eco system called Pono. It will be a player and a market place. The idea is that MP3 compression causes a lot of signal loss at a bitrate of 192kbps/256kbps, it is not sufficient to truly enjoy music so Pono will sell music files that have a bit rate of 9216kbps or 128kHz. My question is, does anyone think this will push recording studios to record at a higher then CD quality resolution? Do you think there's as big of a difference between the MP3 format and the losless format (FLAC) that they are advertising? For more information on the pono player: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...iscovers-music
  12. Testing 1 2 3.... Yeah yeah.... Check...check...mic check... Can I have some more volume please.... check check...1 2 3...
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