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  1. Pretty sure it is pre recorded, but it gives you something to look at. 2:55 I want whatever wah/filter Tosh is using.
  2. Originally Posted by Will Chen Completely different amp I believe. Check it out and let us know... http://www.voxshowroom.com/us/amp/path.html Oh, dang. Germ trannies. Now I'm really interested to try to see if I can hear a difference between that and normal SS amps. But, alas, Tacoma is much too far to just check it out. Reading that little article, though, are the new Pathfinders made of particle board?
  3. What's up with the old ones? http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/msg/3138890238.html
  4. Just bumping 'cuz I saw Sweetwater is still selling the 15R . Went ahead and bought one. I'm .
  5. If Boss made a Pulsemonger I would buy it, because I would know it would be cheap and indestructible. But, I'm pretty sure nothing mass produced makes awesome synth sounds as such. Other synth pedals just do wet farts and swells. Lame.
  6. I was watching this fx demo: [video=youtube;GX5EhRCWJOs] And I love the steel pedal kinda lick at :58, so I looked this guy up and the dude is quite the player. Then I found out he has a bunch of lessons/books. Has anyone bought any of his DVDs or books before? I was thinking about getting this book: But his Country in 6 weeks DVD stuff looks kinda neat, too. Just wanted to know if anyone has used any of his books/dvds and if they're any good.
  7. Man, I love Jerry Reed - what a character - and the guy was one heck of a picker. Ol' Chet wasn't half bad either. And he slaps Jerry down royally at 1:25. Inorite? It seems like all the old country/nashville stuff, people were not only great players but were great entertainers. The whole country scene back then seemed a lot cooler. Before it got all: http://youtu.be/Csj7vMKy4EI?t=1m14s
  8. Probably too metal for most of you, but I love my rig! :love: Ever since I was a young 'un I always wanted one of those white jacksons with the maple fretboard and all.
  9. Does it have 7591As for outputs? Personally, I'd keep playing on them - they don't run hot and are likely still good - mine are after 47 years anyway. How do your tubes hang around for that long?
  10. I can't remember, does this have trails?
  11. Yea it is. I'm working on a new version with Tom @ fuzzhugger Awww yeaa, girl. Could you possibly share some of the deets on this new thang?
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