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  1. Compared to now, that was the Golden Age.
  2. http://www.somethingawful.com/d/news/loveless-reissue.php HA HA!!
  3. I hope so. I just sent in my $5000 deposit last week. Only 107 months to go until TOAN. Fucking LOL!
  4. This thread was started before MBV did their last tour. Didn't Kevin Shields have every guitar pedal EVER MADE as his pedal board?
  5. Nobody hated her until she blew up - which occured about twice a day.
  6. $850.00 new. I wanted one for quite a while, but everytime I got the message that they were available I would check the site and find out they were sold out again. Then I spent all of my money on some new fuzzes. No OP-1 for me. Have fun with that thing!
  7. I got caught f*cking my girlfriend by my mom when i was in high school. Her legs in the air and my ass pumpin' away. That was kind of embarrassing.
  8. but we're not done with YOU Squeal lak a pig, bo-eh!!
  9. I lived with a guy who was a serial fapper. Seriously, everytime I went by his room he would be sitting in his easy chair and pounding his puddly. He eventually killed himself.
  10. I like my KOT. Use it through my Clark Beufort (Deluxe clone) using both channels on distortion. Adds just enough distortion on the first channel and then a little higher when the second channel is engaged. I like distortion, so it's win/win for me. This is at bedroom levels, though, so can't tell you how it sounds at a high decibal gig. As someone said before, none of Analogman's pedals suck, and I have 7 of them at the moment.
  11. "Sentenced to life imprisonment, Virgil boasts to his lawyer, 'There isn't a prison that can hold me. I'll get out of this one too if it takes the rest of my life.'"
  12. Bobby D: I didn't know you had the Big C. Ups to you, too. Stay well, my man!
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