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I bought a Coldplay album today


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    I enjoy Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head, but past that they get a little too "big" for me (in the way that their aspirations and sound don't mesh perfectly as on X&Y)
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    A woman with 5 f-holes is not common.

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      Parachutes - Their absolute best work
      A Rush Of Blood To The Head - Also brilliant, full of amazing songs
      X & Y - Different, but in a good way
      Viva - ....meh at best
      Mylo - Junk.
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        i love coldplay. so much so that i have parachutes and rush of blood framed on my wall.


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          Saw them at a festival in 2003, so it was all Parachutes and Rush of Blood stuff. And they were pretty damn awesome. X&Y had a couple of good songs and lots of good moments, but I've always felt on that and subsequent albums that the music is to grand and overblown sounding for the singer's twee, weak voice. If they had a better front man who could write good lyrics and songs they'd still be immense.
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          Tone is really half the argument. We both know ultimately it means nothing. Write a song. Write. A ****************ing. Song.

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            I like Coldplay. I'm too embarrassed to buy their albums though Anxiety problemz

            haha. Yeah I like a few of their songs, but not enough to buy an album. I have bought indervidual MP3's though.
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