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  1. Doing some recording soon and it might be nice to have the extra effects of the m5. Not really looking to sell. I can text pics.
  2. Or alter ego/transition. I can pay $100 shipped and ppld to 98223
  3. JrB

    WTB Memory Lane Jr

    I've got $190 in my PayPal for your mljr
  4. Sorry not really. Gotta have tap and dotted eighths
  5. Anyone interested? I guess I'd sell for $220 shipped and ppled to the conus The FBX4 is like new with box and power supply. I can send you pics if you're interested.
  6. Wow, I was about to pm the op. Then I saw the post date.
  7. For sale or trade. Prices include conus parcel shipping and PayPal. I can ship priority if you add $6. Trades can be +/- cash as needed. PM me your # and I'll send you pics. Nux Time Force w/box. No Velcro $80 Only used a few times and only at home. Has tap tempo, looper and 9 presets. Digitech Digidelay. Used but good condition. Soft side Velcro. $45 Ibanez PH7 Phaser. Used condition. Has Velcro. $35 Rogue Tremolo w/ box. Good condition. Has Velcro Like the boss tr2 w/ true bypass. $35 Danelectro Fab Distortion. Only used a few times. $15 or $5 w/ another pedal I also have eh lpb1 and a fender starcaster chorus for trade but not really looking to sell them Looking for: Iso5 OD3 NOVA REPEATER FLASHBACK X4 M5 or M9 Newer Echo Park Buffered Volume pedal OCD or clone EP BOOSTER POLYTUNE MINI Try me. I like delays and od
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